Three things I would take with me in an event of a natural disaster - weekly writing prompt.


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Hello everyone, it’s been a while I hope y’all are doing great and also having a great Christmas break. It feels good to be finally back, I was just scrolling through my phone when a telegram notification popped up and when I checked it was a link that was shared by one of our community moderator reminding us to partake in the weekly engagement topics. And when I had a looked at the topics, I thought “what a way to kick start my blogging journey” so here I am to participate in this weeks hive Ghana weekly writing prompt.

In an even of a natural disaster, what would a grab first? a very interesting question if I may add, come to think of it I don’t really own that many stuffs, some of the expensive stuffs I own are my tv set, laptop, phone, bike, and some other appliances. so it’s going to be quite an easy one for me.

The first thing I’m going to grab in an even of any natural disaster is definitively my phone. I literally cannot go anywhere without having my phone next to me. The only place I’m without my phone is when I’m taking a bath.(even with that sometimes I put it on the shelf) and I take it after I’m done bathing. I recently stopped doing that when my phone fell😂. My phone is joint - the most important electronic I posses so leaving it behind won’t make any sense. Because I have so many important documents and pdf of files that are very relevant to me. So yeah I’m going to pick my phone first, before even wearing my shirt.

The second thing I would definitely carry along with me is my laptop., considering the price of a laptop now😂 I would definitely would not like to lose it. Not because of the price alone, my laptop kinda works hand in hand with my phone. That is I use my laptop along side my phone. As some of the apps work far better and easier on a laptop. Some of the them include pycharm for my python coding and also some Java and c plus plus programming apps. So yeah my laptop is coming with me. And before I forget I’m a movie buff, I love to watch movies and anime’s on my laptop when ever I’m free.

For the final item, depending on the type of disaster, maybe a fire outbreak, I would pick my wallet. Because it contains all my ID’s, my Ghana card, health insurance card, voters Id card, debit card a whole lot losing that will be big pain because I would have to go back to their respective offices and request for a new card. Which sometimes takes ages to be processed or maybe sometimes very expensive.

But if it were an earthquake, I would take my motor bike, because I would probably recover my wallet from the rubble. So yeah these are probably what I will grab with me should Incase any natural disaster strikes. I’m curious to read about what you would take with when in a similar situation. Thank you for this amazing topics see you on the next one.

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