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▶️ Oh my God This has really been daring two Alpha Males adapting This is the story of how I adopted lui my smallest kitten since I had this dream of having four cats two brunettes that are luna and coco and two blondes or whatever another color but that they were like brothers that melitos it turns out that despite all my attempts and research things did not flow from the first day however every afternoon I am doing this exercise of placing them together loving them both at the same time feeding them at the same time time and what Mom loves them both without distinction it has been easier with Orange than with coconut with coconut it has been a real nightmare she doesn't connect she doesn't she doesn't connect at all with Luis In fact it was my turn to put Luis to eat aside and drink water apart This breaks my heart however After three days doing this exercise between the two Machos Luis is finally starting to feel calmer about walking around the house as long as he doesn't see Cocó.Last night, to my delight and surprise, I saw him come out of his little cave, even though Coco was there, Coco has already understood by association that he shouldn't go near Luis. Sometimes no no no, it's something I learned and I rub my own body a lot where Luis sits so that she gets used to Luis' smell. It's terrible, she's much bigger, she has enormous claws and teeth, and she's used to playing very rough with Orange.However, all is not lost at the moment I cut Coco's nails and now and Orange And the baby were eating together last night in fact the baby was eating first when I talk about the baby I mean Luis and Orange came over Luis if I had a moment and then they continued eating calmly and in peace at that moment I saw coconut approaching and I told her No my love I picked her up and put her food aside she did not understand because she is used to eating together with the litter And so what I did was take me to Luis aside to avoid a fight from absolutely nothing because I have evidence of coconut attacking him without just attacking him I don't know if it's because he's ready t