My Actifit Report Card: May 9 2023


It was a tiring day yesterday and I forgot about my actifit report last night. In any case, I was busy at work for most of the day and I waited until late in the afternoon to comment, splinterlands and post. I did my walking late at night because I didn't spend much time off my chair during my breaks. Either way, I finished up anything else at night.

I watched the crypto maniacs podcast and it was a good show. They talked a bit about the meme coins and how they are literally a gamble. They make so much hype because it generates a lot of headlines when their percentage increase is quite high. At the same time, I have seen a few posts about how eth fees are high due for the meme coins. I also watched the leofinance ama and it looks like they know about the issues caused by threads. I hope they start up a full node soon enough because threads are causing a lot of problems we didn't know about before. I guess it's a good time to figure these things out and try to solve them while we aren't as known.

Splinterlands are tough and I got 12 chests. I did get a gold foil common card and my new focus is defend. The battles are still tough with a ton of bots to fight. I heard the anti bot proposal passed but I don't know if it's in effect already or not. My focus timing keeps going up because I keep forgetting about it on time

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