It was the first time I had real fun outside of my Netflix streaming and thriller Novels


If there's anything like an introverted extrovert, that's who I am. I like to sit in the comfort of my home when others are scurrying about, tossing powder brushes around their faces and holding various shades of lipstick to their lips in preparation for an event in school or anywhere else that wasn't church. image.png I would sit with my anti-blue-light lenses, typing away at something on my phone while they tried on dresses and asked for my opinion on whether they fit or not.

Next, they would try on some of their shoes or decide that mine was the most appropriate for them to use on whatever outfit they had chosen. I didn't mind my roommate and friends doing all of that for themselves until the 21st of December.

“Treasure where's your outfit for the get-together?”

I pushed my lenses up my nose and took a look at my roommate who had a shiny crop top on with a pair of pant trousers. Her face was bright with powder and her lips were a glossy red.

“What get together?”

She rolled her eyes and pursed her lips at me, giving me a look that urged me to remember the particular get-together she was talking about. I remembered after about a minute of having her stare at me but I continued to feign ignorance.

“We're supposed to attend the Christmas get-together organized by the department today. How come you're not dressed? And it begins in 30 minutes”.

“I don't like people. I'm not going.”

She didn't pay any attention to me, just picked up her phone and called my girls on the WhatsApp group.

“Treasure said she's not attending the get-together and she doesn't have what to wear.”

I thought it was a prank to make me get dressed so I ignored her until about thirty minutes later when two of my favorite girls landed at my apartment and just walked up to my boxes, throwing my clothes around while shaking their heads.

“There's nothing wearable here,” Jane, one of the ladies people said looked like me noted.

“Don't worry, I brought a blouse with me just in case” Treasure, my best friend who happened to bear the same name as myself said taking out a pretty blouse and throwing it at me. The blouse landed on my face causing me to give Treasure a hard glare.

“You’re not planning on beating me, are you? But I am if you don't get yourself up and put that blouse on.” She fired back at me. I gave a defensive sneer and proceeded into the bathroom. I had been outnumbered.

When I came out, they had picked a high-waist jeans with most of the front slashed brutally and were preparing jewelry for me.

“I'm not putting that on,” I said pointing at the jeans, my eyes widened when I saw the size of earrings they had picked for me. It was like a pair of mini tires.

“You're too boring! Locking yourself up and writing all day like this, we can't allow it. You have to get a life”

It wasn't a get-together like I expected. It was a full-blown party. Ladies were in short gowns and elaborate hairstyles, faces clad with professional makeup while the guys outdid themselves with their jeans and sneakers.

“Let's go grab a drink.” Treasure said pulling me up and dragging me to the drink stand. When I took a can of malt, she eyed me and exchanged it with a bottle of Star Radler.

The get-together, or rather, Christmas party wasn't as bad as I thought parties filled with young people would be. There were a few extremities during the Truth or Dare game but I forgave them because it was just that once.

Once, I was even called out to engage in a dance competition where I did terribly. By that time, I was already catching the party vibe, drinking my second bottle of Radler and moving my body to the rhythm blaring out from the speakers.

Three hours later, I began pestering my friends so we could leave. It was past 7 pm already and I wasn't exactly a fan of walking around at night. They ensured they were not missing out on any further activity before giving in to my whining.

It was the first time I had real fun outside of my action movies and thriller novels so I bought all of them ice cream as appreciation.

“I'll be sure to go with you girls to the next party you invite me to”

They giggled excitedly, bringing out their phones to capture that moment when our hearts were warm with glee.

“Say cheese!” Treasure instructed, the camera clicking as soon as we opened our mouths.

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