the coffee of noble sentiment



The last days of school were approaching and I was feeling defeated. I had spent the whole semester planning the moment to go out with Mary, in my mind I could imagine all the possible scenarios, all the ways I would ask her out... But every time the perfect moment came, when it was just the two of us alone and no one else could hear us, I felt like I was paralyzed. A sense of fear would come over me, it was something that was beyond me. Shyness invaded me, overcame my will and the words fled in disarray. And in the end I gave up...

Mary had arrived late to the course, she started the second week of classes, she came from another city. Her family had decided to move when the classes had started and got a special permit assuring that the girl would catch up for the missed classes...

From the beginning the girl showed that she was special. Her intelligence was more than outstanding. In addition, she had the gift of public relations, quickly made herself known and got along well with everyone....

I watched her from my place in the last row, the place of the losers, of those who seek to live in anonymity...

For everyone I was a bit of a mystery, because although I was almost always alone and hardly ever intervened in class, my performance was very good, I was always among the first in the ranking.


And it was precisely that quality of mine that made me fantasize about dating Mary, I thought that maybe she might be interested in being friends with someone like me, after all I was a little smart too. But my shyness was like an insurmountable barrier and if I didn't take the first step Mary would never know who I really was.

Almost on the verge of desperation I decided to talk to Paul, one of the few friends I had, he was from my neighborhood, and combined studies with a great passion for painting. I liked talking to him because he always had some answer to my doubts and concerns. But it was not easy to find him because he was always busy with something.

One afternoon we met on the bus, we talked for a few minutes, just long enough to tell him that I wanted to talk to him. Paul commented that there was a new place where we could be at ease, it was a small cafe located a little away from the center, in a quiet area surrounded by lush forests. He left me the address.

Two days later we met at the café. As we walked in I could feel the good vibe of the atmosphere, everyone was talking relaxed, laughing and looking very enthusiastic...

Paul said that the magic of the place was in its special coffee. He told me that in a laboratory they had made the discovery of a compound that developed empathy between people.

The formula had been kept secret until a mischievous employee decided to throw it out at a directors' meeting, which were usually tense and confrontational. But that day everyone felt attuned and could understand each other very easily, it was a very harmonious meeting. The result left everyone pleasantly impressed, and in a great gesture of kindness the laboratory people decided to set up a café where people could enjoy that discovery.

I took the first sips and for the first time I felt a great sense of security. I felt capable of anything, even talking to Mary. I told Paul about my doubts and he said that my shyness was something that many people shared but that it could be overcome. He offered to help me set up the appointment with Mary....


His plan was a bit risky, he would leave in Mary's purse an invitation to a great experience at the "authentic feelings cafe". She thought that curiosity would lead her to the café...

When the date Paul had put on the invitation arrived, I went early to the café. I looked for a lonely table. Every time someone came to share it I explained that I was waiting for a very special person, everyone was understanding and looked for another place, no one objected...

After a while Mary walked through the door. I stood up with great confidence. I went to her and invited her to my table, she agreed in the most natural way. I couldn't get over my surprise, the atmosphere of that place was having its effect. We started drinking coffee and talked as if we had always known each other, like two old friends meeting after a long break. That was a memorable moment. I had known the happiest day of my life...

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