Christmas celebration and it significant: Merry Christmas Hivians


Hello everyone, I'm wishing each and everyone a Merry Christmas to you all, it's a season of joy and merriment with dear friend and love ones! I'm using this opportunity to express how happy I am to all my friends on Hive Blockchain, may this celebrations brings you happiness and be filled with the spirit of togetherness as Hive Blockchain continue to flourish. wishing them all the good thing in this season and beyond.

As we celebrate Christmas today, it's important also to uphold or be reminded of the significant of Christmas celebration. Primarily, Christmas is a religious celebration that signify the birth of Jesus Christ in Christian traditions but this is not just the only significance of Christmas rather it's lies in various aspects:

The significant of Christmas celebration

  • Religious Significance: To Christians, Christmas is one of the festival celebration in respect to birth of Jesus Christ, the messiah, the Son of God and the savior of entire humanity. This marks the incarnation of God in human form.

  • Spirit of Giving: Christmas season is the season of giving, goodwill, love, generosity and kindness, one significant of Christmas is to instill the spirit of giving, as inspired by the Three Wise Men in the Bible who brought gifts to the baby Jesus.

  • Family and Togetherness: Time together with friends and love ones is expressed during Christmas celebration, this is a time where families and friends to come together on a round table having meals together, exchange gifts, and expresses and enjoy each other's company. Christmas festival fosters good sense of unity and strengthens familial bonds.

  • Joy and Celebration: It's really seen that during Christmas festival even the joyful atmosphere is created as it's adorned with decorations, different lights, and carols. This environment creates a sense of joy and celebration.

  • Cultural Traditions: Christmas is beyond religious observances, it has become a cultural phenomenon in Christian setting. Christmas come with various customs, such as decorating Christmas trees, exchanging cards and gifts, and festive meals.

  • Hope and Renewal: Christmas is renew hope, this is a moment of remembering the savior's birth which usually occurs almost at the end of the year, This symbolized hope and it renew the hope for the new year. Christmas is associated with reflection on the past and aspirations for the future.

  • Global Celebration: Christmas is a global phenomenon, celebrated worldwide, it goes beyond a transcended religious and cultural boundaries to a point where different people from different backgrounds join in the festivities, promoting a sense of global unity.

The true essence of Christmas is embedded in the values of love, kindness, generosity, togetherness, and hope, these makes Christmas so significant and cherished by many people. Wishing you and your family a Christmas filled with laughter, happiness, and cherished moments.



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