💢drinking coffee while looking at cute cats💥💥


Hello good night and blessings always to you all.. On this occasion I will provide information about my activities tonight at a shop where I usually sit and laugh with my village friends, relax and while enjoying very delicious coffee, in fact I see a cat sitting and looking at the road and I immediately took a photo.

In the middle of drinking coffee, someone brought a cucumber which was very delicious and very sweet and we tasted it. This cucumber was taken from the garden which had just been harvested earlier today and brought it to us for us to eat.

That's all I can say tonight where there are mistakes and awkwardness in the words or taste that I share, please forgive me because there is much more to learn in the procedure for writing words or pictures

#photographylovers #wildlovers #amazingnature #photography

Greetings from @imam-samudra thank you and wassalam....

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My name is mamfaluty, year of birth 28 October 1985 and I joined the hive blog 18 December 2021, the name I use in the hive blog @imam-samudra, I was suggested by my friend to join to build communication and socialization relationships with friends on my beloved blog This mode that I use in this blog is more about photography of views of the universe or motivational photography of the surrounding environment.



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