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· 21. Feb 2024
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Hello friends, I am glad to share with you today my progress toward my ZING 2024 goal. In life, any occasion that doesn't have a fix day/date will not hold. Once there is a goal, and it is penned down following it becomes easier. On January, I set my goal on how many ZING, HIVE power and POSH I will love to hold by 31st December,2024. ZING is 50k and the short term goal is 20k. Target is 50,000Looking at this figure and what I have gotten so far, do you think it will be possible for me to reach 50k ZING at the end of the year?, The answer may be years or no, but to me is years because I still have 10 months ahead. The more I claim reward daily, the more the stake ZING staked increase. In this remaining 10 months, I need 4,479 ZING each month. That's the new goal I must work towards it from now. Which is 149.3 on daily basis.How I plan to get it . One way to get many ZING staked is buy buying more ZING with Fiat. As if the time of writing this post, 1 HIVE can afford 77.712. which shows that now is the write time to buy more ZING. Another way is by increasing my HP delegation. That one is another fastest way to gain more ZING. I will also convert some of my HBD to ZING. In all, my target is my priority. And I am determined to get it done ✅.other goalsAnother beautiful goal I have is to increase my HP delegation. For is a little above 800 and I must make 1k by March ending. My HP total goal for 2024 is to have 2khp. I will get back my spend POSH in less than no time. My goal is to have 2k POSH before year end. Although my school schedule is too tight now, I hope to as much as I can now until we have a little break again. Hope that March maybe better than this February in terms of busy schedule.conclusionIn conclusion, pushing towards my ZING goal is the main deal.