A Week of Blunders and Learning


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Hello, everyone! Hope you are having a merry Sunday wherever you are. It's evening on our side of the world and for the first time in a long while, it felt like today went by slowly and it was nice to have it for ourselves (and by ourselves). Sounds like I'm being selfish, lol! I was just trying to say, it went well, just how I wanted our lazy days would be.

Well, except for my puppy peeing twice on our bed, haha! My bad for keeping him there. He often spends time with me in bed when I'm on my laptop and he usually calls my attention by growling or scratching the covers when he needs to go so I know when to put him down for his potty, but for whatever reason, he didn't do that today. Result? Two comforters are now in the laundry room, lol!

Funny you'd say. These days have been with a series of blunders which made me think it is an unlucky week for me. I do not usually believe in such but a girl's mind can craft reasons sometimes, haha!

Yesterday, the clumsy me broke our cooking oil container while preparing lunch. The husband was attending a wedding (I opted out at the last minute) so he wasn't around to do his kitchen magic.

Next, I found out that one of my Solana wallets got wiped clean by who knows who (laughing scornfully). It did not contain much, don't worry, just about a hundred dollars worth of coins. The Farmboy has just been teasing me so I'm shaking my head right now as I tapped the keyboard, lol! But that would be a story for another day.

The next blunder which I shared https://inleo.io/@ifarmgirl/3rd-year-streak-no-more-some-updates-on-inleo was missing a day of powering up which shattered my third-year streak for staking https://inleo.io/@leoglossary/leoglossary-usdhive. Don't ask me what happened please, my mind seems to have blacked out it doesn't recall what caused it, lol!😂

Anyway, here's to share my PUM badges for the last 2 years (I'm proud to have completed them). The next photo was the failed January 2024 Power Up month.

2023.png 2022.png


But enough of those... moving on to good stuff...

During the week, I created an account on https://diamondapp.com/u/FarmGirl, a social frontend in the Deso Blockchain. I'm yet to learn how it works. Not posted anything either but have set up my profile a bit. Hope to explore it further in the coming week, or it will end up just another account ghosted, lol! If you're there, comment with your username so I can follow you.😉

Today, I learned something new - https://anubitux.org/what-is-anubitux-2/. Thanks to Onealfa for threading about it. He knows his stuff. He tries them and shares them. Naturally, the curious me checked it out. It's an operating system meant for https://leofinance.io/@leoglossary/cryptocurrency folks who want a more secure playground. I will probably write about it soon. I'm planning to install and try it out.

And finally, our wee pup has unlearned being fed with a spoon. He now eats by himself. The trick? The husband basted the dog food with a bit of oil from the chicken we had in the turbo oven. The aroma made the little guy impatient and dug right into his bowl, lol! We thought it was just for that meal but he did the same at dinner, so I guess it was a success.

A good ending for the week and a Happy Sunday, at least!😍

Lead photo is my own. Screenshots are from Hivebuzz. No copyright infringement intended. 28012024/20:07ph

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