White like snow white


Hello good evening everyone wherever you are Hopefully always in the protection of Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala and that's the occasion I want to post a white flower that I got in my garden.

Today, the father of Bogor, 17.00 WIB, I went to the garden to look at my garden and I happened to bring a macro on purpose to take some pictures in the garden or small beetles.

Talking about this flower, maybe this flower is familiar to all of us because this flower is very easy to find in our environment because this plant can grow anywhere. This flower has two color variations, one white and the other blue, because there are variations in the image or color, that is where this flower becomes beautiful.

This plant has seeds like green beans, that's why this plant is very easy to get. When the seeds are old, they will drip by themselves and fall to the ground as seeds from the tree, and then the seeds can grow again.

I took this picture with my own cellphone, namely Huawei Nova 7I + macro. If we talk about this flower then there is very little uniqueness about this flower. The disadvantage of this flower is that it doesn't have a pleasant smell unlike roses or other flowers.

and one more drawback of this image may be that it is not clear because it is very difficult to take the subject because the flower is white, and the white is not white as usual but white like snow, so the macro is a bit difficult to take the perfect subject if it is white.

That's all my thoughts for today, January 28 2024. Thank you for reading my post and thank you for supporting me so far.

Warm greetings from @idajs10

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