Our village was hit by flooding, and this included my brother's house.


Good evening all my friends, wherever you are, I hope you are always protected by ALLAH SWT, on this occasion I want to tell you a little about the atmosphere at my house this time on December 25 2023, which was hit by flooding.

Almost 80% of the houses in my village were flooded today, due to heavy rain from yesterday to today, And there are some people in our village who can't cook at home, but don't worry, in our village there is a flood post provided, and we cook here, and eat here,

Today I went around my village to see the flood disaster, and some people had smallpox and had itching on their feet because of the flood water, and we were provided with medicine at the evacuation post.

We hope that this water will drain quickly, so that people in my village can carry out their activities as usual.

That's all the story about the condition of my house today, thank you for visiting my post,

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