The joy in waking up knowing what you want to do and having a good plan of how you plan on achieving those little goals is next to non, well, that's not my case 😆. I woke up with the mind of making my first blog for the day as soon as possible but then I had some unexpected delays and I still ended up publishing my blog quite late but I was grateful I could. My day was supposed to be a stress free day but somehow I ended up getting stressed out.


Prior to today, I had bought some things I plan using for my sister's hair and today she reminded me of it and as an hairstylist I had no choice but to make her hair do because we have a program to attend tomorrow so it's just best to make her hair do today. After publishing my post, I went to take my bath and I also used that medium to wash my hair because now that we are in the dry season my hair gets dirty and dried quickly.

After taking my bath, I had to start making my sister's hair with what we call kinky braids here in Nigeria. I couldn't take a shot of the exact one I used but then the image below looks similar to it.


Since it's been a while I made hair do for anyone, I felt so tired half way making her hair. I was even tempted to just give up completely but that won't be fair at all so I just had to bare. You needed to see how I was looking at how far I've gone so I'd know it will all be over soon 😂.

Well, we finally made it and now my sister is looking so beautiful and adorable. I feel really tired but I still had to ask my siblings to follow me to go get something chilled to drink. Unfortunately I didn't get the drink I wanted because it wasn't chilled, I guess today is not my day but I'm happy I was able to achieve something for myself today.

Since I didn't get the drink I wanted, I just had to buy some noodles to prepare for us as dinner. Right now my legs feel so numb and I can't wait to get into my bed to sleep. My day is just one that I wanted to talk about because I just liked how simple yet stressful it was and I was so happy because there were so many things that brought smiles to my face especially my dad, he just kept acting funny and innocent at the same time, hehe.

Snapchat-1066951780.jpg Snapchat-1450562658.jpg Snapchat-88182759.jpg

I finished my sister's hair late so I wasn't able to take clearer pictures but here is a glimpse of how she looks with her new hair do. And I also made a gif of her and myself together feeling happy we've finally completed her hair do, lol. I'm glad that despite how tired and stressed I was, I was still able to make something this nice for her 🥰.


Well, that's a little summary of my day and it's with pleasure I share it with you!

Until next time, stay AWESOME and JIGGY!!!

All Images and gif used are mine

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