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First, I would like to apologize for not posting on the hive community for quite some time. My summer was full of new experiences, so I have quite a few new posts that will enrich my profile.I'll start with my hike to Mangart mountain. Mangart (also Mangrt, both written forms are grammatically correct) is a mountain that receives a very large number of visitors in the summer. The access to the top is a much shorter road, which leads more than 2000 m high. The peak, which is among the highest in Slovenia, has a cross on top and a sign box below it. The top is spacious and gives us a beautiful view on all sides. The best view is the neighboring Jalovec, which is only a few meters lower. The Italian Julian Alps are also very well visible.As usual, we set off in the early hours of the morning. Despite the nice weather, it was quite cold at the beginning, before our bodies warmed up.The path led us over rocky paths, slabs, some climbing. I'm not a fan of climbing routes myself, but I have to admit that this route is worth the effort. We were the first to the top of the mountain and it was really nice to have the top to ourselves. After we took some pictures and signed the mountain book, we went lower because it started to wind at the top. We ate fish with vegetables and warmed up with tea that was still hot waiting for us in the thermos. Jackdaws kept us company along with some wild bees. On the way down, tourists have already started arriving en masse at the top of the mountain. We were really happy to go to the mountain early without other people. We lay down on the grass at the Mangart saddle and admi