Ecency Points Giveaway #30 (win 200 points)

2023-12-25T23:43:12 My entry for Holozing Creature Background Contest

Image edited in Canva, logo belongs to Ecency, city at night background photo is free from Canva library.

Please read the rules first!

It's giveaway number 30 already! The Giveaway Fund currently has 7684 Ecency points. This includes all of my personal points earned by using Ecency front-end and donations by various sponsors.

Here is the list of all sponsors:

@zakludick 4000 points @ydaiznfts 2800 points @ganjafarmer donated 1700 points Anonymous donated 1300 points @caelum1infernum 1000 points @melinda010100 donated 500 points @stdd donated 500 points @duvinca 200 @keithtaylor 200 points @hiveborgminer as founder

RULES - Ecency Points Giveaway #30

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  2. Comment your Hive username on this post and I'll random pick one winner using wheel of names. Feel free to tag a friend and let him know about this giveaway. Votes, reblogs and tips are not required, but thank you if you do.

Ends in 7 days.

Comment STOP to be removed from notification list.

Good luck!

Results of the Giveaway #29

We have 25 tickets in this round.

The winner of giveaway #29 is @aroojkhalid


Please ask if you want to get on notification list: @Les90 @Nkhankkk @aimharryianne @alex2alex @alfrin @aliveprojects @alovely088 @amakauz @anthony2019 @aroojkhalid @aslamrer @baah @balikis95 @beeeee @blitzzzz @bluevibes @caelum1infernum @coolmidwestguy @daethical @danishcrypto @davidpena21 @dubble @duja @duvinca @dwixer @ekavieka @emreal @esbat @estervibes @eudarcabello @fantagira @flairizkimathy @fredaa @ganjafarmer @henrietta27 @henruc @ibbtammy @ieronimus @ijelady @ironshield @iyanpol12 @iyanpol13 @jane1289 @jennyzer @jenthoughts @jesus-son @jfang003 @jjmusa2004 @jmis101 @kdelvaeg @keithtaylor @kingsleyy @kryptof @ladymisa @les90 @levihananiah @lytha @madilyn02 @manuelgil64 @mayvileros @me2selah @melinda010100 @momogrow @monica-ene @mypathtofire @neblomax @ninahaskin @oboh @og-gamershub @ojsuarez2 @omojuwa007 @paul1996 @pero82 @peter-stone @princessbusayo @qumao @rafzat @rimurutempest @rtonline @rzc24-nftbbg @sammyhive @shemzy @shula14 @smc.arike.oba @sperosamuel15 @stayoutoftherz @stdd @subidu @sublimethoughts @takhar @thelowededwookie @travoved @tydynrain @ukrajpoot @usagigallardo015 @vaynard86 @woelfchen @wongi @yanhan @ydaiznfts @yeckingo1 @zakludick @zer0requiem

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