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Double pack of the news! Perfect Dark, Indiana Jones, Gears of War prequel, Doom 6 & Skate trailer, CoD: BO 6, Starfield DLC, Fable, The Thing remake [Perfect Dark] I mentioned the Game One TV channel. This is another title I salivated over as a teenager. I remember the old Rare titles. Maybe not all of them, but quite a lot of their games are still fun to play today (e.g. Donkey Kong 1 and 2 or other 3D games by them). I've never played PD, so I don't know what to expect, but I like the gameplay a la Cyberpunk 2077 with parkour elements.[Indiana Jones] Just as I usually don't like this type of games (especially this franchise and I'm not talking about the latest part, I haven't liked Indiana since I was a child xD), this trailer convinced me. The hand-to-hand combat and other mechanics look pretty cool. It's a pity that it won't get a version on PS5, even though it was clearly suggested in one of the announcements. [Gears of War] After a few unsuccessful parts, we return to the old and famous heroes, but in an earlier version. [Doom] There will probably be time for a longer analysis, but for now I'm really excited. It looks like Doom Eternal with a few minor changes that look more like an evolution than a revolution. That's good. Although DE had a few minor imperfections, apart from them, as a game it is one of the best FPS in the history of the WHOLE genre. If the creators refine it a bit, we will have another wonderful game. I think I'll pre-order the Collector's Edition. I can trust Id Software, they have practically never released a weak game in their career. At most, a few of them were good. [Call of Duty] The game will be available for sale in mid-October. [Power Rangers] A game for lovers of old titles. It