The Allah of the worlds says that all creation is in need of Allah and Allah is the most needy.


Hazrat Musa (peace be upon him) said in the Qur'an that if you and all living things on earth disbelieve in Allah, then there is no harm to Allah, He is indifferent to all creation and full of praises.

It is said in the hadith of Sahih Muslim, "O my servant, if you combine all of your first and last human beings and jinn into the heart of the worst person, then there will be no decrease in my kingdom. Yes, Allah is not pleased with your ungratefulness, nor does He command you." And if you thank Him, He will be pleased with you and will give you more of His blessings. Every person will get what he has done, one will not be caught for another. Nothing is hidden from Allah.

Look at the human being who, in the time of his need, humbly calls out to Allah and cries out to Him.


As it is in the verse (Wadhamskum al-Dhar fi al-Bahr) al-Alkh, that is, when they are in the river and the sea and see a calamity coming there, then those who used to call on other than Allah forget everything and start calling on pure Allah, but As soon as they get salvation, they turn away. Man is ungrateful.

Therefore, he says that when the pain is removed, then it becomes as if he did not call us at the time of trouble, and this prayer and crying is completely forgotten.

As it is in another verse (Wadha miss al-Insan Zar Duana) al-kha, that is, when we are in pain, man calls us from the heart every time we get up, sit down, lie down, but as soon as this pain goes away, he also goes away from us as if he had taken pain away from us. We were not called at the time. Rather, he begins to associate with Allah at the time of prosperity.


So Allah says that such people should take advantage of their disbelief.

There is a rebuke and a severe threat in it, as he said, "Say, get benefit, then the last place is your hell."

And the decree is: We will give them some benefit, then we will make them helpless towards severe punishments.

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