Entry for shadow hunter contest || SMASH #306


Hey shadow hunter community and hive fellows. This is my entry for the https://ecency.com/hive-179017/@melinda010100/shadow-hunters-community-contest-smash-516c552a571e2 #306 by the @melinda010100 if you also wanna participate so click the link and join it before getting late.

Sunday is my favorite day in a week. Just because only sunday is the day when i got a break from boring days and i can style my day according to my own way without caring about the strict timetable i have to follow for living in this world. Happy Sunday to all fellows.

The image shared above is showing the shadow of roadside tree. This tree is in front of my home since so long that's why I have lots of childhood memories attached to the this tree. When I was kid, I usually watch my father parking his bike under some shadow or under tree in summers. Once when I ask him for the reason why he park his bike under shadow he siad I do this to prevent the paint of bike from damage. At that time this tree was just a baby plant but I used to park my cycle near this baby plant to prevent it from damage as i learned it from my dad, and my cycle is my most favorite asset at that time.

Yesterday when i was standing in my home's door i was thinking about that golden past days when I was a kid and a smile appears on my face, this tree is holding lots of memories of me.

I captured the picture of this tree along with its shadow and lots of hidden stories, in the light of sun. Because of fall season and harsh winter days this tree has just few leaves left on it but in spring season it is the most beautiful thing of our street and kids used to play under this tree.

I further added some effects and changes the color saturation to make the image look more bright and clear. The first header image is my entry for the contest.

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