COTI - Continue to BUILD my stake - 100K+ #COTI in Wallet Coming...


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I have talked about this #COTI token in past and it is also known as the currency of the Internet. With all the Crypto tokens taken has taken a beaten off recently #COTI also saw a sharp decline and currently is trading around $0.05+ cents down 5% in last 7 days. Here is some general stats for the #COTI token, the supply of this token is huge which is around 2 Billion tokens and currently the supply has reached 1.2+ Billion.

COTI token Stats...

Market Ranking: 446 Token Price: $0.05588 Circulating Supply: 1,294,041,703 Total Supply: 2,000,000,000 24 hour trading volume: $2,753,765

My #COTI Current State...

So how much #COTI tokens do I #HODL and what I am doing to build my stake further is the big question to answer in this post. I bought COTI when it was trading around $0.05+ cents and my purchase was made in early December, 2023. There was a point when I was getting a profit of $2K+ but then I ignored it and thought that I will remain invested. Here is my #COTI stake all invested and giving me an APR return of above 2.8%

Yes, I know the return are very low and I can get good returns here on #HIVE. But then I just wanted to diversify my portfolio and wanted to invest in some other tokens therefore this investment in COTI. As you can see from the above image, I have around 500+ COTI to be claimed and this would bring my total deposit to almost 100K+ COTI tokens staked. I have the opportunity to up my APY to 22% but for that I need to have an equivalent amount of gCOTI staked and by the way gCOTI is the token of the COTI blockchain. gCOTI is trading around $0.02859 cents so that would mean an investment of another $2.5K+ to increase my APR rate to above 22%. And the difficult part apart of having the liquid cash is around the liquidity of gCOTI which is very minimal and you can only buy in on the To be honest I am here to #HODL COTI for long term so not looking for any immediate gains. The strategy ahead is going to be around accumulating gCOTI tokens slowly and gradually and try increasing my APR rate at least get to a level of above 10% for now. The first target for gCOTI is to get 10K+ tokens and stake it along with #COTI and then move up gradually. 10K gCOTI is around $200+ investment which I can easily afford and at the same time it will help me to earn more COTI tokens on a daily basis. Also, if COTI falls any further from here then I guess it would be nice buy opportunity for others to grab this precious token before its too late and for me gCOTI is the priority for me at the moment. The #COTI project has many things to offer and is trying to solve problems associated to traditional payment systems like:: Scalability, Transaction Speed, Cost Efficiency, Trust and Security, Usability, Smart Contracts and there is much more to it. Just #HODL onto to your COTI tokens don't panic sell.. cheers

Have Your Say on #COTI token - HODL Vs SELL?

Are you invested in #COTI token? Did you know about this bridge on the COTI platform that lets you to transfer your COTI from centralized exchange to a DEX? Are you staking COTI? Would love to hear your thoughts around it in the comment box below? Cheers

COTI - Continue to BUILD my stake - 100K+ #COTI in Wallet Coming...

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PS:- None of the above is a FINANCIAL Advice. Please DYOR; Do your own research. I've an interest in BlockChain & Cryptos and have been investing in many emerging projects..

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