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New maintenance on my 2005 Aveo /Un nuevo mantenimiento a mi aveo 2005Happy day my friends of the @hivemotors community, I greet you and I hope you are very well in this week that has just begun.Here I want to share with you the maintenance I did to my 2005 aveo after detecting the failure that was contaminating the oil with gasoline and that, as I told you in the last publication, had me with my head swollen for not knowing what to do to get the solution to the problem.! [Spanish version] Feliz día mis amigos de la comunidad de @hivemotors , les saludo y espero que se encuentren muy bien en esta semana que recién comienza. Por acá quiero compartirles el mantenimiento que le hice a mi aveo 2005 luego de detectar la falla que venía contaminando el aceite con la gasolina y que, como les comenté en la publicación pasada, me tenía con la cabeza hinchada por no saber qué hacer para conseguir la solución al problema. After replacing the temperature valve and detonation sensor, the car has been behaving excellently. The fan comes on after the engine reaches a certain temperature and the oil remains constant when I check it on the dipstick. However, in order to drain all the oil that was left in the crankcase and that was contaminated with gasoline, I changed the oil, changed the oil filter and changed the gasoline filter.! [Spanish version] Luego de cambiarle la válvula de temperatura y el sensor de detonación, el carro se ha comportado de manera excelente. El ventilador se enciende luego de que el motor llega a cierta temperatura y el aceite se mantiene constante cuando lo chequeo en la varilla de medición. Sin embargo, a fin de vaciar todo el aceite que quedaba en el carter y que estaba contaminado con gasolina, le hice su cambio de aceite, cambio del filtro de aceite y cambio del filtro de gasolina. This maintenance had already been done recently but, no way, it had to be done again to ensure that the oil was clean and free of gasoline, and if you look at the pictures you will see

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A busy Sunday / Un domingo bastante ajetreadoGreetings friends of the @lifestyle community, I am pleased to be on this site for the first time and it caught my attention because it allows us to air any of the facets of our daily lives, which we do without much difficulty because they are part of our day to day.Today I want to share with you that last Sunday I was, accompanied by my wife @morepina, doing several activities in the center of the city of Barquisimeto and we ended the morning with mass in the parish of St. Joseph, where we are active members of different pastoral groups. We were early in the morning doing some shopping for the weekly market, because the day before we could not do it due to lack of time. It was 10 o'clock in the morning and we arrived at the church to coordinate the celebration activities that would take place at 12 noon and we had to organize several things so that everything would go well.After mass, which ended at about half past one, we went out to look for a place to eat nearby but in that area, I don't know why, most of the food vendors were closed.We walked several blocks until we finally found an open bakery, where they offered a service of roast chicken with yuca and salad at a good price and ready, we said here it is.I was really pleasantly surprised that the food was so good, the chicken was crispy and with good flavor, the yuca were just right and the salad with good dressing.Despite having chosen the place because there was no other, it was quite gratifying and we were satisfied with the service and the food, so I told my wife that it was worth returning to that place another time.Sometimes life's situations surprise us in a very gratifying w

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Esta vida nuestra No. 24/ Un poema para Lecumberre [ESP]/[ENG]Saludos queridos amigos de hive y de la comunidad de @holuslotus. Me complace estar presente en esta iniciativa propuesta por @charjaim, destinada a aportar un granito de arena para nuestro compañero Landin Lecumberre que está pasando por un problema de salud. Con mucho cariño le escribí estos versos cargados de esperanza y bienestar. Unámonos todos a esta iniciativa y elevemos al Señor nuestras oraciones por su pronta recuperación.Greetings dear friends of hive and the @holuslotus community. I am pleased to be present in this initiative proposed by @charjaim, aimed at contributing a grain of sand for our colleague Landin Lecumberre who is going through a health problem. With much affection I wrote him these verses full of hope and well-being. Let us all join this initiative and raise our prayers to the Lord for his speedy recovery.FuenteA mi Dios doy alabanza y que mi mente no se cierre para escribir a Lecumberre estos versos de esperanzaHoy mi pluma se engalana para escribir a un maestro hombre de letras diestro de vida sencilla y sanaPara ti estimado poeta que tu vida has dedicado a llenar con tu legado de poesía este planetaEres todo un personaje poeta, músico y docente que sabe hacerse presente con maestría y con corajeUn mensaje vas cantando con tu musa y tu talento versos libres como el viento de tu ser van aflorandoTo my God I give praise and may my mind not be closed to write to Lecumberre these verses of hopeToday my pen is adorned to write to a master a dexterous man of letters of simple and healthy lifeFor you dear poet that you have dedicated your life to fill with your legacy of poetry on this planetYou are quite a character poet, musician and teacher who knows how to be present with mastery and courage**A message you are singing with your muse and your talent verses free as the wind of y

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Real Steel (2011)/ Gigantes de acero-Review and commentsCordial greetings to all of you who are part of the community of movie lovers @moviestvshows, I hope you have started a week full of success in every way.Again with you to comment on a very interesting and entertaining movie for young and old, called real steel, or as we know it in Venezuela: steel giants.! [Spanish version] Cordiales saludos para todos ustedes que integran la comunidad de los amantes del buen cine @moviestvshows, espero hayan comenzado una semana llena de exitos en todos los sentidos. Nuevamente con ustedes para comentarles una película bastante interesante y entretenida para grandes y chicos, llamada real steel, o como la conocimos en Venezuela: gigantes de acero.IMDBThe plot / La tramaHugn Jackman, a well-known actor on the big screen for his performance in X Men, plays Charlie Kenton, an ex-boxer going through a difficult economic situation, tries to get involved in a futuristic sport: boxing among robots. However, his performance leaves much to be desired and he does not do well at all.Charlie learns that his ex-wife has passed away and he must take care of his son Max, played by Dakota Goyo, a very alert young man who grew up with a very bad image of his father. Charlie makes deals with his sister-in-law's husband for them to take care of the little boy in exchange for some money that Charlie needs to invest in the purchase of a robot to help him win fights.Max stays with his father in the summer and it is there that he begins to relate better to him. Max gets a robot from the dumpster, puts it together and sets it up to launch it into boxing. Charlie teases him by telling him that his robot won't last a round. However, Max's robot, Atom, turns out to be a high quality contender and Charlie sees in it a good opportunity to get out of the economic crisis that has overwhelmed him.! [Spanish version] Hugn Jackman, un actor superconocido en la gran pantalla por su actuación en X men, interpreta a Charlie Kenton, un exboxeador que pasa

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It was the temperature valve!/ ¡Era la válvula de la temperatura!Receive from me a warm greeting dear friends of this motorized community of @hivemotors.I am here to share with you a new experience with my 2005 aveo and that already had me with my head swollen for not finding the cause of the oil mixing with gasoline.! [Spanish version] Reciban de mi parte un caluroso saludo estimados amigos de esta comunidad motorizada de @hivemotors. Me encuentro por acá para compartirles una nueva experiencia vivida con mi aveo 2005 y que ya me tenía con la cabeza hinchada por no dar con la causa de que se estuviera mezclando el aceite con la gasolina.As I had mentioned in previous posts, my other car aveo 2005 had the problem that gasoline passed to the oil and contaminated it immediately, which was very worrying because the oil had to be changed every week and this, besides being very expensive, could cause internal damage to the shells of the engine.I consulted several mechanics and some indicated that the injectors were leaking and others told me that the engine rings were already damaged. Every time I scanned the engine, several sensor failures came out: air temperature sensor (IAT), cam sensor and the throttle position sensor (TPS).According to what the mechanics explained to me, the The The ! [Spanish version] Como les había comentado en post anteriores mi otro carro aveo 2005 tenía el problema que pasaba gasolina al aceite y lo contaminaba de manera inmediata, lo cual era muy preocupante porque había que cambiarle el aceite cada semana y esto, además de ser muy costoso, podía ocasionar daños internos a las conchas del motor. Consulté