The Book and DVD Sale - January 27, 2024 @goldenoakfarm


New Herb - some snow left1 crop Jan. 2024.jpg

When I went out Saturday morning to do chores at 7:15AM the New Herb garden was mostly all brown again, except for the ever growing weeds.

New Herb - some snow left2 crop Jan. 2024.jpg

A little closer view

South - sedum, red crop Jan. 2024.jpg

In the South garden on the west side of the porch this sedum, normally green, caught my eye. Really stressed plants turn red… I hope it survives.

Squirrel crop Jan. 2024.jpg

As I came around the corner of the house, this squirrel jumped onto the post behind it and tried to hide in plain sight. By the time I got the camera working, it had decided I wasn’t a threat and jumped down…sigh..

Azalea, magnolia crop Jan. 2024.jpg

The azalea still has leaves on, with the magnolia behind it

Small garden - snow gone crop Jan. 2024.jpg

The Small garden

Front pasture - some snow left crop Jan. 2024.jpg

Snow on the front pasture

So I got my rolling case of inventory ready, my camera, and money and was all set when my friend arrived at 9:15AM to go to the Book and DVD Sale that started at 10AM.

We soon discovered on arrival that the line was forming in front of the cellar door. When it opened at 10AM I found hundreds of boxes of single layers of DVDs lined up on tables and on the floor underneath the tables. So I started there. After an hour when I’d looked through all the DVD boxes, I probably had between 75 -100 DVDs I’d pulled.

I asked the owner if I could use the small area behind him to sort them and then check to see if I needed each one. That took another 20 minutes and I returned about 70% of them to the cardboard boxes.

Book sale - DVD haul crop Jan. 2024.jpg

These were the keepers, most to replace VHS tapes, some new, some to replace old DVDs.

Book sale - boxes of books crop Jan. 2024.jpg

My friend had immediately hit the .50¢ boxes of books. If you look carefully you can see the top of her blond head right in front of the window frame in the back.

She found 12 books, mostly hardbacks and a collectable book done by a disabled artist that she loves. She spent the whole time going through the boxes looking for treasures. She says other people were finding treasures too.

The owner said they opened in November and had these sales once a month. The first 2 hadn’t done much and were held outside, but this one was swamped! They couldn’t believe the number of people who came.

Book store crop Jan. 2024.jpg

When I finished, I didn’t see my friend (in the photo above, with boxes) so I went upstairs to explore the book store proper.

Before - 85 Pierce St Gfld.jpg

It’s an old manufacturing building that has sat empty for decades. A bookstore owner bought it and has renovated it.

Before - 85 Pierce St inside Gfld.jpg


They’ve done a very nice job of renovating the space. There are either new windows for the broken ones, or storm windows over the original ones. They kept the over head garage doors but added swinging doors outside them. The inside is spacious enough for expansion, new books on the first level and used books upstairs. The clapboard addition is the children’s section.

They recently got the cellar cleaned up and were able to hold the book sale inside finally.

We got checked out and loaded up and headed to my friend’s house. For some reason a few weeks ago, her TV, DVD player and VHS player all stopped working. So I was going to see if I could get the players working, but I know zilch about TVs these days.

We stopped and got a small gluten free pizza to share when we got to her house. Once that was devoured, I started work on the TV problem. We both eventually got it sorted out, and made notes about what we had done so she can refer to them in case it happens again.

She still had her Christmas tree up as it was the first year she’d ever had an artificial tree. We discussed pros and cons and I heard the stories about many of the ornaments. At 3PM she brought me home and I got my treasures unloaded but I was much too tired to do anything with them.

My brother made a seafood stirfry while I cleaned up the kitchen.

On Sunday I have to inventory the DVDs, clean up the kitchen, and maybe pay bills. It’s supposed to snow during the day, maybe plowable amounts by Monday evening.

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