Yesterday's Activity: Taking A Bathed in The River and Visiting My Relative's House For Christmas Celebration



Having a great time and moments is a part of our Great memories happens to ourlives. Every month of December, many different kinds of occasions in our Families and friends. Public places just like Plaza, Offices and any other crowded places. For tonight's blog, I will share those simple celebrations we have here together with my Family and relatives. But before I proceed to the simple celebration, First let me share this cool and relaxing situations I did yesterday.


To keep myself relaxing, I decided to take a bathed in the river. It was very lucky for us because the water was very clean and crystal clear. It was also very cold, and the place was very relaxing, peaceful and calm. It was already 4 in the afternoon when I started to take a bathed and it is good to keep myself cool and feel fresh. Manticao river gives us a great contributions not only for agricultural activities but also for personal cleaning, washing clothes and cleaning the house. My partner was also enjoyed swimming in the shallow water and we takes almost an hour before we finished a bathed. After that,we hurriedly went back home and get ourselves ready for the Christmas family Gatherings.



It was 5 o'clock in the afternoon when my cousins arrived at our house. She invited us to be in their house for a family gathering Christmas celebrations and my Father accepted her invitations. As for that, we prepared the things we brought just like cellphones, sling bags and Flashlights because it can take at night time. We walked a few meters away together with my Parents, My Partner, Brother and my Daughter. Even if it is a kind of simple celebration, it is very important so that it can keep the family relationship strengthen always.


It was 6 in the evening when we got their and We can see my Relative's house decorated with those colorful lights. As far as I know regarding with my cousin, they cook different kinds of dish or foods just like Letchon, Escabetche recipé, Pancit, Banana Cake, and dinuguan. This kind of foods are very delicious and my favorites. It was really dark and my uncle's place is surrounded with many big and tall trees, just like Bamboos, Hard wood trees and wild plants.


Moment later, some of my cousins are also arrived they brought this softdrinks for the family. For me, celebration will not be completed without soft drinks. Everytime we ate fatty and oily foods, we also drink soft drinks as one of the best beverages in the occasions.





These are the foods they served for the Family gathering and all of it are very delicious and good to eat. It was already in the evening when the cooking activities finished and after that, we carefully placed the foods in the dining table. Taking pictures will not be forgotten because this will be serve as a souvenir this year's Simple Family Gatherings. This lechon is one of the most popular Pinoy foods and it is also one of the attractive dish in different kinds of special occasions just like Weddings, Birthdays, Christmas Party, Anniversaries and Baptisms.



We also did a group pictures and starting from the Right is my Mother, Father, My Grandma, My Two Uncles and their are my Father's Brothers and my Tita, My Father's Sister including my Ninang and my pretty Daughter. This is what we did before eating and this is already traditional everytime when their is an special family occasions. After eating, we decided to went back home so that we can also prepare the things we will brought going to church and attending Mass. And we are very thankful about the unforgettable moment.

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