Holozing Creature Background Contest!


Hello friends, I want to share with you my participation in this contest that challenges us to create a background for the creatures of the


game, although I am arriving a little late but I wanted to participate by creating the background of two of the characters of the game, the whale and the fire wolf.


In this post I share the process I used to create these backgrounds, in addition to the software I used, looking to accommodate the best environment for these creatures, I feel very motivated to present this work done with great affection for this community.

Creative process fire wolf


First place the background, looking for a sidereal, space look to give that galactic touch to the environment.


In the second step I placed some kind of space rocks next to a planet, with some asteroids or planets accentuating the galactic context of the image.


Then the final touch by placing the creature in the middle of that entornan that seems to be its natural habitat.

Creative process of the whale

The second creature that I worked on was the whale, in this one I wanted to make a more friendly, pleasant and parifico environment, very cozy for this great creature.


The process I followed was the same as the previous one, look for the background that best suits, in this case an oceanic background of a bright blue, algae and stones.


In the second step, place a strip of lighter blue simulating the sky, plus a small sun on the horizon; this environment or complement it with some fish swimming at the bottom of the ocean.


And finally we placed the whale in the center of this environment, giving the impression of swimming with the fish looking for the depths of the ocean.

This is my contribution to the community and my participation in this beautiful challenge, I hope to meet the expectations of the organizers who invited us to participate in this

original publication

of the contest.

The software used for this work was the Photo Editor app.

See you later, I'll read you in the comments.

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