Highlighting the Gems of Gaming Photography - 25.12.2023


Gaming Photography Curation Report Highlighting the Gems

We got some new publications inside our community since the last curation report where most of them made it to the highlights.

It's time we highlight those GEMS.

Aesthetically beautiful indie that you should be playing right now.

Author Post Link
@cocacolaron https://peakd.com/hive-185676/@cocacolaron/aesthetically-beautiful-indie-that-you-should-be-playing-right-now-playing-dead-cells

Cocacolaron is lucky to have videogames and some good friends to spend the night with when he's spending his first Christmas alone and he talked about Dead Cells which he recommended others to try a number of times in his blog.

I see the author has been talking about pixel art game from the beginning till now and I'm thinking to giving him a title in Gaming Photography that should have the word "Pixel", sounds good?

Breathtaking views of Hirschfelden Hunting Reserve!

Author Post Link
@pravesh0 https://peakd.com/hive-185676/@pravesh0/breathtaking-views-of-hirschfelden-hunting-reserve

Its time we welcome Pravesh Thakran back as he published his second post showing some amazing screenshots from his play of TheHunter: Call of the Wild and this time he fecoused on the breathtaking views of Hirschfelden Hunting Reserve.

He showed us total eleven screenshots including his dog in some of them and he showed some deer as well along with the beautiful views.

The Sumeru Desert Ruins - Incredible Ancient And Fantastic Landscapes.

Author Post Link
@kuronokenshi https://peakd.com/hive-185676/@kuronokenshi/the-sumeru-desert-ruins-incredible-ancient-and-fantastic-landscapes-eng-esp

Kuronokenshi started publishing some great gaming moments from Genshin Impact and this is the first time the gamer published something in Gaming Photography so let's welcome the gamer.

As a mobile game, Genshin Impact offers amazing landscapes offering a build in photo mode that doesn't have a lot of options but its a nice feature for sure and the gamer showed some incredible ancient And fantastic landscapes of the Sumeru Desert Ruins.

That special horse in RDR 2.

Author Post Link
@izuki.midoriya https://peakd.com/hive-185676/@izuki.midoriya/that-special-horse-in-rdr

Deku kept surprising us showing beautiful gaming moments of RDR 2 and he didn't disappoint us this time as well as he showed some amazing moments with a special black horse from different angles.

He forgot if he saved the horse in his inventory or not, so let's hope he finds this amazing horse again and can show us some more special bonding of his gaming character Arthur and the horse.

GTA V | A Crime Scene.

Author Post Link
@noomer https://peakd.com/hive-185676/@noomer/gta-v-or-a-crime

This is the second post of Noob Gamer in Gaming Photography where he showed a realistic crime scene from his GTA V play where policemen fought a criminal which led to a crime scene in the middle of a road with the dead body of a policeman and the dead body of the criminal.

The level of detail in the game, from the broken windows to the dramatic pose of the dead police officer, is incredible. And it's interesting how the game world reacts to the crime scene especially a man taking photos of the crime scene gives a nice realistic touch.

The Beauty Of Far Cry 5 Map From The Sky.

Author Post Link
@itadori-yuji https://peakd.com/hive-185676/@itadori-yuji/the-beauty-of-far-cry-5-map-from-the-sky

Let's welcome Itadori Yuji as its his very first post into Gaming Photography and he kind of nailed it with his first try where talked about the beauty of Far Cry 5 map and this time he showed all the screenshots from the air when he was flying something (maybe a chopper or a fighter jet).

He showed us some fantastic landmarks from his play where he even showed Joseph Seed's statue and told us a shortcut story about his behind the scene of destroying the statue.

We'll keep highlighting the best publications about the special gaming moments showing great screenshots of those moments in Gaming Photography.

When the post doesn't needs to be a wall of text, we still looks for quality content that shows really great screenshots leaving a handful of words for each captures that makes readers enjoys reading the post.

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