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QUORA TOWERSHEAD could be one of the most desired cards by many Splinterlands players, it is a very powerful card, with two types of attack, both Melee and Magic Attack, it is also a card that has the ability "Heal", so together with its large amount of life points makes this card quite difficult to eliminate due to its ability to resist enemy attacks. But also, being a GLADIUS card, it has the "Bloodlust" ability, so when eliminating an enemy card it has the possibility to increase its stats and therefore increases its usefulness and lethality in battle a lot. So without further ado, these are the battles of the day with the card QUORA TOWERSHEAD: In this first battle I used my classic strategy composed of Magic Attack type cards, so I used the Obsidian summoner in order to enhance their magical attacks, being the strategy for this first battle as follows: In first position is the protagonist card of today's post QUORA TOWERSHEAD, a very powerful card, counting with both Melee attacks type and Magic Attack, one of the most powerful and beloved cards of Splinterlands, of the most sought after and desired by players. In second position is: PRISMATIC ENERGY, another excellent card of the Magic Attack type, perfect to fight against other cards of the same type thanks to its abilities like "Magic Reflect" and "Void". In third position is: CENTAURI MAGE, another of the cards of this formation with more life points, this would be the fourth card with more life points of this formation and an excellent card like the others, also has the ability "Return Fire", in this way makes the cards of the Rank Attack type less effective.

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Perhaps for many the name "H. R. Giger" may not be familiar to you, but I'm pretty sure if I say "Alien" you know immediately what I'm talking about, since the Alien franchise is one of the most long-lived and characteristic of the film industry and especially of the horror and space genre. And is that H. R. Giger was responsible for creating all the art so characteristic of this franchise and besides being the creator of the main figure of this film: The Xenomorph and is that the art of this graphic designer was so unique and so recognizable to the naked eye that was a wonder to see, I created a whole world of biomechanics and technology that today is one of the most recognizable artists and rightly praised. His work was not only reduced to participate in the Alien saga, but also thanks to his wonderful art participated in the creation of a game of the genre Graphic Adventure and science fiction quite particular, which I did not know at all, in fact at first I thought it was some video game adaptation of the Alien saga, but it is a completely different game, quite entertaining if you're a fan of this type of video games like me. So without further ado. **The story of this game is quite interesting and although for today's time it may be a bit trite and repetitive, certainly for its time it was quite original. The game introduces us to Mike Dawson, a science fiction writer who, after being full of frustration and crisis for a long time, goes to a house far away from the city to spend some time alone, analyze his current situation and look for a solution to his problems. Things would quickly change for our protagonist when he begins to have strange dreams with grotesque creatures

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Another week and another Splinterlands challenge, this time the selected Battle Rule is: Little League, which means that we can only use cards that have a mana cost from 4 points down, reducing almost by half the amount of usable cards. This is a rule that I really like a lot because despite the limitation of not being able to use cards that have a mana cost above four points, you can still make quite interesting strategies. So without further ado, these are today's battles with the Little League Battle Rule: This first battle is composed almost entirely of cards from DEATH deck, which is my favorite deck, this strategy contains three types of cards, Melee, Range Attack and Magic Attack, in a fairly simple but effective formation, being composed of the following cards: In first position is ANIMATED CORPSE, a fairly old card and an excellent card whose stats are very high for the low mana cost it has, also ANIMATED CORPSE is a very resistant card to attacks of the magical type thanks to its ability "Void". In the next two formations are cards of the Magic Attack type, the first of them and occupying the second position is: REVEALER, one of my favorite cards of the DEATH deck to have the ability "Stun", ability that when it takes effect can give you such an advantage that could even completely turn the course of a battle. In third position is: VENARI BONESMITH, another excellent card of the Magic Attack type that has a very annoying ability: "Poison", this ability is another of my favorites, because when it takes effect it can affect a lot the vitality of an enemy card for each turn that passes.

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There are several of the new cards that I like a lot, they are quite interesting and bring a lot in battles, there are still many that I do not know, there are even some that even having them in my collection I have not used, one of those cards of which I have used but very little is the one that stars in today's post: ARGARUX MAGUS, a card from the WATER deck and of the Magic Attack type, a quite interesting card, that although I barely have it in LVL 1 and at the moment it is not a very strong card, it has a huge potential for improvement as I go up in LVL. So, these are the battles of the day with the card ARGARUX MAGUS: This first battle is composed entirely by Magic Attack type cards, this is one of my most classic strategies composed by Magic Attack type cards and especially by WATER deck cards, being the strategy composed by the following cards: In first position is DJINN OSHANNUS, one of the best Magic Attack type cards of all Splinterlands, it is also a card that against other cards of the same type is highly effective thanks to its "Void" and "Phase" abilities. In second position is another very good card against other cards of the Magic Attack type, which is: PRISMATIC ENERGY, a card that has the ability "Magic Reflect", being able to return the enemy attack of the magic type. In third position is: NERISSA TRIDAWN, an excellent card which I have to raise the LVL, but I always forget, this card is quite good and has excellent stats, which makes it a very capable card in the battlefield.

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