My 2024 Hive Financial Goals


As we get to the end of the year I have been focused more on setting my goals for 2024. I recently have mapped out the HBD interest rate for a few metrics. My goal for the end of this year has been to have 23000 HP powered up and 2300 HBD in savings and I have that easily made. I just looked at my metrics and found that I am increasing my account HP by an average of 15/day. I will set the actual numbers on the 1st but this is what my HP forecast looks like for the year if I maintain the current rate. I'm not sure I will be able to make 30K so will probably have to suffice with the 28475 I have forecast.


I can see that I will start the year with 2310 HBD in savings and my goal is to put 3 HBD/day into my savings. With the daily deposit I am adding to the amount that gets interest so I am able to maximize my interest earnings.


The addition of 3 HBD per day increases the interest payment by .02-.03 per day and starting the year out at 1.266 per day I will end at 2.2 per day.


At the 20% interest rate these are the required amounts to get the daily rate and subsequent monthly income. In chart 2 above it shows that January will net 40 HBD in interest and 67 HBD by December which is a 60% increase. Over the year at 3 HBD/day I will have paid in 1095 HBD to savings and will have accrued 622.89 HBD by the end of 2024.

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This year I have been trying hard to dump all the tokens I can into their diesel pools. On January 1st 2023 I had $133.38 worth in the pools, now I am at about $375 worth.


I don't know what my average daily input is now into the pools but since November 1st I have increased liquidity by about $75. If I can be sure to add at least $30/month of liquidity I will double my current liquidity by the end of the year.


I post at least twice per day and have been for a while. I know I have been posting daily since about June of 2020 but resumed Actifit later. I will continue the minimum 2 posts for the entire year and am going to make sure I get the yearly author badge. With Actifit I have my rewards set to so I get it all liquid each day. I'm using this so shuttle into my BTC lightning wallet and am doing well building it up just in the last month. I haven't got any metrics as it gets the leftovers after I put my 3 HBD to savings each day.

All these numbers are seemingly within reach for me as I have tried to keep my goals moderate, plus this hinges on the rate staying 20%.

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