Attempted Paragliding, New Darts, Photos, Christmas Lights Drive, Fire, Grilling - Sunday


Yesterday morning I was on the road about 8:45 headed south in the fog. I drove out of it by the time I got to the city and it stayed clear the rest of the way.


I took the back road through Oaksdale which brought me to the butte from the east side.


The winds were constant when I got to the top. It was a solid 14+mph with gusts higher. It was cold as balls too.


Everything on top is coated in wind blown ice and snow.


It was 10am when I got to the top and I ended up hanging out in the truck and waiting for the winds to die down. The forecast called for them to be mellowing between 10 and noon but as I sat and waited they never did calm. I sat and listened to the Seahawks game on the radio to pass my time waiting.


I finally gave in and drove down to the bottom to try a flight off the low hill at the base. I hiked up the hill and the ground was still frozen.


I flaked the wing out and got hooked up to it then stood and waited for a lull in the winds. It was a pain in the ass that it wouldn't mellow at all. I stood on the hill for about 20 minutes and finally gave up and hiked back down. Just in the time I had been standing there the soil had started to thaw and my shoes got COATED in mud. I was finally able to kite my wing near the truck for a while but that was the extent of my venture.


I called it at noon and headed for home.


The turbines to the north of the butte showed clearly how strong the winds were. The blades on them were deflected back a LOT. When the blades are no longer straight and the turbine is spinning you can see how strong the winds are.

I stopped at the store on the way home to stock up on beer and to get us a ham.


I had been home a short time when my packages were delivered. Amazon has 3 warehouses locally so they have a fleet of drivers that deliver 7 days a week now. My darts weren't supposed to be here until later in the week so I was quite happy to have them now. These are the Amberjack Pro 22 gram darts. They are a gram heavier and a few mm longer than my other Amberjacks.


I got more integrated flights and I tried the shorter of the sets first. It took me a bit to discover the right form for throwing as the grip is slightly different than on my old ones.


@stryeyz made a bunch of bracelets for our friend for gifts and she needed to get pictures of them. She put the bracelets on a tube stand in the light box and tried to get clear shots of each. The lighting was a bit hard to get just right but she got shots of them all.

IMG_20231224_160622.jpg IMG_20231224_160626.jpg

It was getting dark and I got the fire going in the fire pit for the evening.


Each year we go on a Christmas lights drive around the neighborhoods between us and the city. It is amazing the amount of lights that some people have around their houses. It's crazy bright and must make it a bit hard to sleep.

IMG_20231224_172919.jpg IMG_20231224_173747.jpg

This Santa was a solid 14 feet tall and the reindeer's head was at least 10 to 12 feet high.


I like this shot with the bright moon overhead.


I tried to get a shot of the rainbow moon halo but my phone sensors wonked out at the light difference.


We got home from our drive but it took the boys forever to get the potatoes cut and in the oven before I could get our burgers on to grill.


Dialing in with the new darts and I had ott laugh at teh other set of flights I got. They are more flimsy than the green ones and when the flights get wedged the shaft bends and flexes. I'm thinking it could help rather than hurt.


It was way late when we went out and I couldn't make it too long as it was a long day by then.


Christmas day today and the boys are not yet up. I'm not sure what all I will get done today aside from I know I am grilling steaks tonight so will have a fire going in the afternoon.

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