Holozing community is fast growing and having lots of beautiful features for exploration and benefits. It's a trending community because of the things embedded when the holozing game will be finally launched soon.

I have been able to explore through the referral program which I read on the Twitter of holozing. This program promises to be very good and beneficial for a lifetime because of the rewards it carries. Since there might not be opportunity later, it's better one set the referral now to avoid later rush venture. My unreserved appreciation goes to the organisers for this great initiative which will attract more people playing the game and enjoying the lucrative benefits it offers. 2024 has been amazing more things keeps unveiling concerning the holozing game.


In my previous post, I shared the variance between my first staked and the last one. I was so amazed with the high percentage of increase I saw this week. My current staked is 505.67 zing previously it was just 416.49 zing hmmmm what a rapid growth. In my desire and priority to be among the top ranked contributors hmmmm my latest rank is #958 with a total of 137.530 zing whereas previously the rank was #962 with 101.976 zing. This is also a milestone achievement for me. If you are not part of this project you are actually missing. In conclusion, please kindly use this time to prepare yourself before the kick off to avoid late hour rush. I so much like this community and eagerly waiting for the launched of holozing game Thanks for visiting and reading through my post.

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