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The beautiful daughter of the artist, with her guitar, is the guest of your beautiful eyes, I have prepared a beautiful part of the photos of this little artist, let's meet. Her name is Ellie, she appeared in front of my camera with a charming style as if she had a concert. There was a time when the feeling of motherhood was replaced by the feeling of being a fan, I was taking pictures like a paparazzi so that I didn't want to miss even a single moment, she was extremely professional even in taking impromptu and random poses, the few pamphlets of her projects It was a photography where all the photo shots were good.

It was enough to tell her to sit on the bench, stand next to the guitar and then leave everything to her, she was an extremely intelligent and talented girl. Smoked glasses and wool hat and his extraordinary style were really famous and he handled the compromise very well. It was very interesting that in the photos where he was standing completely in the middle, he was in a symmetrical position.

I really liked the beautiful reflection created on her glasses and I tried to take the photos at an angle that would preserve this reflection.

The last three photos, a simple bench, I just want to see how well this little one could turn such a simple background into what kind of photos with her wonderful poses.

I'm sure you will like the pose of this photo, you managed to pose this photo very well, it's really wonderful, with a special flirtation, it's lower than the standard pose and it's looking at us from above. It's boring and funny. I continued photographing in different frames and poses, and finally, I will complete this blog with a long shot from the bench. In the whole collection of photos, I liked the poses in which he tilted his head. She acted as if he understood more than his age. And this should be a good start for success in this field in the future. Of course, we should pay attention to the children's interests and see if they are really interested in being active in this field.

photographer @farideh.shahedi
camera sony a7 r 111
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