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When we ask any educated person what is the biggest drawback of Fiat, he will say that inflation. The government prints money whenever it is needed and because of that the price falls and the value of money decreases. This is why many people like cryptocurrency and trust it blindly. And we should do it because crypto is the only currency that gives us freedom.

This is a debatable matter because it is still the people who say fiat is best over crypto. These people are not educated or has no knowledge about crypto. If this continues then the value of Fiat is likely to reduce significantly in the future. Venezuela is a great example.

If you do not know about the Venezuela case then you should study it. There are many people on hive from Venezuela and they experienced it which is why they understand how valuable crypto is. They are actively participating in crypto.

It is not that Fiat is not important. We need Fiat to fulfill our needs in daily life. We are helpless because crypto is not yet in the mainstream. But this day will definitely come when crypto will overtake fiat and you will be using crypto freely for daily living.

Anytime government can go against crypto that is why having fiat is important too. Countries like El Salvador understand the technology behind the crypto because crypto is not just a currency but it is a lot. It will take time but the future is bright. We can see different use cases of crypto and blockchain technology.

In the bull season, many new investors get trapped and later they regret and hate cryptocurrency and that is why understanding cryptocurrency is most important. It is not just trading but more than that. It is said that never put all your eggs in one basket but why only fiat? Can I show you some safer options?

Gold and real estate investments are better alternatives to diversify the investment. It is not necessary to hold your 50% fund in fiat and 50% in crypto. You have to take care of inflation and then make your decision. You can go for the gold. People who saving fiat for a long time should need to know this.

Personally, I am holding my money in gold and I have a shop and two houses. So whatever I have, I invested in real estate, crypto, and gold. But remember you need some fiats too for daily living but it is not for dong a fixed deposit in the bank.

So you need to understand that. I will be glad to know your most important opinions on this topic because I also want to know your strategy on investing and view on fiat inflation. Now Faiz Makrani signing off. B bye.

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