It is another wonderful edition of Creative Sunday, today I will be preparing chicken curry sauce, this sauce comprises different veggies and is majorly cooked by using much curry in it.

LISTS OF INGREDIENTS Cabbage Green pepper Carrot Yellow pepper Spring onion Chicken Seasoning cubes Curry and thyme Cameroon pepper Scotch bonnet pepper Corn flour

IMG_20240115_162759_927.jpg My chicken

Screenshot_20240128-073536_1.jpg Red pepper

Screenshot_20240128-073514_1.jpg Yellow pepper

IMG_20240115_084326_869.jpg Cornflour

Screenshot_20240128-072022_1.jpg My Carrot

Steps Firstly I marinated the chicken with my onions, seasoning cubes, curry, salt, and a little bit of Cameroon pepper, I don't know why I love this pepper but I believe it tastes better and nicer in food especially when I am using it to marinate, adding pepper to marinate the meat is optional but I am using it because I want extra spicy and flavor in my food. I marinated the meat for 30 minutes before using it.

Next Step I washed my veggies thoroughly, we all know that cabbage has a spiral shape so we need to rinse it thoroughly because of some bacteria that can be hiding in every corner, another way in which I wash my cucumber is after slicing it then I will add a little salt and water, let it settle for a minute then I will rinse it out so that the salt can kill any unforeseen bacteria inside it. Slice all the veggies and then Keep aside.

Next Step In chicken curry sauce, we don't cook the chicken, after marinating the chicken I place my cooking pot on my gas then I add a little vegetable oil to fry the chicken, all I need is the brownness of the chicken, I do not want it to overcooked, so I am turning it time to time to get the what I want.

Next step After frying the chicken I removed it from the frying oil remember I used a small portion of vegetable oil, I added water inside the pot with the chicken then I added my pepper and my seasoning cubes to taste better.

Next Step Cover this to boil for a minute then add your cabbage, carrot, and green pepper, we know that green pepper is not spicy so I leave it for later but I added the yellow pepper and red pepper into the boiling water to cook for some minutes to avoid extra spicy and hotness.

Next Step I added my carrot into the boiling sauce first and mixed then I added cabbage, and spring onion this sauce is not supposed to be soggy I need a bit of crunchy so I did not overcook the veggies, I added all the necessary then covered it for a minute so that everything will combine.

Next step I added a tablespoon and half of corn flour onto a plate and then mixed it with water, corn flour serves as a binder that combines the sauce, but it doesn't make it watery, it is a thickener that thickens the sauce.



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