I am so glad that I achieved my aim this year, I planned to celebrate this year Christmas in the motherless home, and it came to pass.


I called a few of my friends yesterday though I had told them about my plans and how I wish to carry them out, they obliged and supported me in their little ways, I was glad because they came through for me.

They arrived at my place very early because we needed to do some cooking and other stuff, we planned to use gas but we ended up using firewood because the quantity of food we were preparing was much.

I had already contacted the person in charge of this motherless home and explained to her what I wanted to do and when I would be coming, she agreed and said the children would be happy to have me, I got her contact through my friend who has been visiting them for a long time, this is my first time if doing this and I was glad I did it.

One thing I love to do is make others happy, this is a season of love, I was so fulfilled when I arrived at the orphanage home and was playing with the children, this made my wish and I hope to do more of this.

I can not comprehend the joy in my heart when I help others, it is like helping myself too and this is always making me feel excited because they are in need and will always appreciate the little you do for them.

I got there in the afternoon because of the food I was preparing, I ought to have been there early but due to the preparation of the food I was a bit late, but it is better to be late than not to show up.

After we finished cooking, we dished it inside the cooler because I had already bought disposable takeaway since I couldn't afford the normal takeaway, and bought one cartoon of caprison drinks to compliment the food.




Always observe before choosing your friends, my friends came through for me, supporting my dreams and none of them made any excuses for me, we did it together, cooking, washing, and cleaning the environment because we used our neighbor's compound, I owe them a big hug.



I hired a tricycle and carried the food to the orphanage home



We played games and danced to celebrate Christmas, they were all happy and I felt joy, I love to make people happy, especially children, they look so bright and adorable




This is one of the best Christmas ever, this joy is unending, and showing love to them is what makes my day and also achieve my goals. Children are a gift from God and making them happy and praying for you goes a long way, I never regret doing this and I wish to continue doing this twice a year or more, I want to have a significant Christmas every year.

This is how I spend this holiday season. This is my entry for this week's episode of hive-learners community prompt #hl-w94e1 which is tagged "Just One Thing"

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