A Christmas Day Walk


It was quite mild this Christmas Day morning. I thought I'd go for a little walk before I started pigging out on food. This wood looks a bit bland sometimes, but when the sun shines through the trees or it's misty or snowy, it looks much better. Sadly, no snow has been forecast here.

I've only just recently seen this fungi on YouTube. I had never seen one before, but I stumbled across one today. I think it's commonly called a collared earthstar, but it has many variations. If you squeeze it, or if raindrops fall on it, its spores will disperse in the air.

I did a little detour from my usual walk. It wasn't the best idea as it was waterlogged in parts.

When I got to the top of the wood, it was a bit dark in the distance. It looked like more rain was on the way.

I can't offer you a white dove of peace at Christmas. However, I can offer you a white duck instead!

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