Sunset in Greek Mythology


Good day dear Hive Community, first of all I hope you are all well and have a great holiday! In my new post, I would like to share some pictures and talk about mythology and hope you can learn something new.


Recently I took some pictures in which the sunset and trees are to see and specifically I would like to discuss the connections to the Greek mythology. In ancient Greece there are more gods who are associated with the sunset than the hesperides who are also revered as nymphs and there are different traditions about them when it comes to the number of them or the place of residence and they are also considered guardians of the golden apples which are able to give immortality. The Hesperids also embody the beginning of the night as well as the sunset and they were also responsible for the color of the evening sky and are also considered the protector of the night and each of the three which were also known under the names Erytheia, Hesperia and Aegle had its own task and while one was responsible for the twilight, the others colored the sky red or insulated the light. Also the well-known sun god Helios, who also was known as the personification of the sun, was associated with the sunset and in general he was responsible for ensuring that people had a light during the day while his sister selene, who is also known as the moon goddess in greek mythology, illuminated the night sky and punctually the two alternated in their task and Helios was traveling with a chariot in the sky which was pulled by horses and also one of his faithful companions got a name which was based on the sunset and his horse Phlegon is derived from greek word phlego which means as much as burning or to shine like a fire. The so-called Horae also plays an important role when it comes to the change from day to night and they are also considered goddesses who had the task of monitoring people's lives as well as the year or times of day and they are also considered the daughter of Zeus and Themis and they were also often associated with fertility and were very revered especially in rural areas. There are different generations of them and each had their own individual task and Dysis was responsible for initiating the sunset and ensuring that there were no problems and as one of the protectors of the different times of the day, she was also connected to the penultimate of the 12 hours before the night dawned. Also in art, the mentioned gods were of course of great importance and have inspired various artists to devote themselves to this topic since all times and also in some legends of well-known Greek poets the sunset appears again and again.


Thank you very much for stopping by and I hope you could learn something new about mythology! I captured these pictures with my Camera Sony Alpha 6000 plus 55-210 mm lens!

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