Musk mallow (Malva moschata)


Hello dear Hive Community, I wish you all a nice day and hope you are well! I would like to introduce you to a plant today and hope you find my contribution informative and can learn something new!


This plant has been part of wildflower seeds that I planted last year, and this year this perennial plant shows up again. The common name is musk mallow and scientifically mallow moschata and it is often found in wildflower mixtures, as the flowers are very insect-friendly and rich in nectar and pollen.


Flowering period begins from about June and the flowers have a pink appearance and a musk-like smell, which is associated with the name of the species. The optimal location should be sunny and it needs enough nutrients to grow well, the musk mallow also reacts to dryness and should not be without water for too long!


By the way, it is also a medicinal plant that has anti-inflammatory and expectorant ingredients. The medical effect was already appreciated in ancient times and it can be used in many ways against various diseases such as coughs, stomach complaints or wounds. As always, you have to ask your doctor about the correct application, dosage and possible side effects!


Also in art history the flowers are embodied in numerous paintings. With the ancient Germanics, it used to be considered a vegetable plant and was probably already appreciated by the ancient alchemists as a medicinal plant! It was also associated with the former King Charlemagne, who probably already cultivated this plant and contributed to the distribution as a medicinal plant in europe.


Many thanks for stopping by and I hope you like my new entry! I used my camera Sony Alpha 6000 and Sony SEL-55210 Telephoto Zoom Lens (55-210mm) to take these pictures.

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