A Habit that changed my life


It's true that most habits are developed from our childhood programming and they continue with us through adulthood.  One of these habits for me was laziness, oftentimes I don't feel like doing anything. I had grown up with my grandma who was very careful to observe medical recommendations, so she was scared of what would happen if I had to go against the doctor's recommendation who suggested that I should stay away from hard jobs. There are a few other things I was restricted from but her major concern was to prevent   me from doing hard jobs. While I felt I was enjoying the privilege because of my medical condition at that time, little did I know it was only building a nest filled with laziness. 

There was a lot of work I wasn't allowed to do, anything that brought out my strength was advised against and so I did just little or no work and it continued this way until all the privileges I once enjoyed were cut short and adulthood stepped in. Much didn't change except the fact that everyone expected me to work and make a living and these were things I wasn't exposed to from childhood. It became difficult to start working because I had no experience and gradually I started to realize how important working is. 


It was difficult starting to learn how to do hard jobs even though I was very careful not to do too much. No one would provide for my needs, I had grown up and it was no longer comfortable to do hard work for me so I had to learn, probably the hard way. I started to do the little chores , then  gradually I started to do the bigger and harder jobs. Sometimes  it affected my health and other times I felt nothing but I was determined to keep pushing even in my lazy state.

It was difficult growing out of my habit of laziness. It was something that had been programmed in me from childhood , but then my determination spoke for me and I saw myself gradually creeping out of it. What i did to overcome my laziness was to force myself to work even when I don't feel like doing it. I had to dust off myself several times to get up from bed, i do this almost every time because I realized I've been too  lazy to overcome it by just  a single tap. I had to work  it out myself with determination.

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