My plans for the next week | Hunting Larry on Tuesday [26.12.23]


Hello, again. How are you? I hope that you are doing fine. Welcome to my post. I have arranged this post into 4 sections:

  • Section One: My plans for the coming week
  • Section Two: Today's (December 26, 2023) hunting Larry report [Updated]
  • Section Three: Daily drawing winner [Updated]
  • Section Four: "What is this hunting Larry thing"? [You can skip this section if you are hunting Larry already]

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Section One

My plans for the coming week

On Monday, the task we are given from our We Are Alive Tribe, via the chat account ( is to

Plan Out Your New Week And Follow Your Plan To Success

So, here are my plans for the coming week. To be noted, in our tribe, it is the task of Monday. However, in my place of living, it is already Tuesday. Hence, my weekly plans start on Tuesday.

My HIVE plans:

  • Publish at least one post from this account as the "Larry Is Alive" project post In Sha Allah.
  • Publish another one from my main account which is #aliveandthriving as well as a #actifit post.
  • Make at least one wave on the ecency.wave & interact with at least 5 waves every day!
  • Make at least one buzz on the & interact with 5 buzzes every day!
  • Share my post or others' on inLeo, at least once every day!

Offline plans:

  • Thursday: Travelling from village home to the in-law's home in the district town
  • Friday: Travelling from the district town to the capital home.
  • Saturday: Going to collect two certificates
  • Sunday and Monday: Preparation for the flight to Oman In Sha Allah.

Section Two

My today's hunting report


I read the required emails from the inbox. screenshot


I surfed the required 20 surfs a day. . screenshot


I viewed the required ads for today. screenshot


I did all the doable today! screenshot


I surfed the required sites. screenshot


I surfed over 25 sites/ads today screenshot

Section Three

Latest daily drawing winner

According to the post, the latest winner is @alovely088. The hunter got 4 weeks' delegation of 1000 AP (alive power) and 1000 CTP power!

Section Four

What is "Larry Is Alive"?

Thanks for reading my hunting report for today, let us know about this "Hunting Larry" thing, in short.

Larry is Alive is a project on hive, more specifically on the "We Are Alive" tribe. It was started by Erik (aka @ flaxz), and now it is run by Mike (@ maddogmike). It is a project where the hive users are encouraged to broaden their network beyond this blockchain; in the vast affiliate marketing arena. By completing tasks in the particular sites (we call it hunting Larry), we are basically promoting our programs or websites or links to other people on the internet. The tasks are either reading emails or surfing (xploring) sites or viewing ads. Currently, we have 6 sites where Larry can hide. To find Larry (aka hunting Larry), we need to log into the sites daily and do particular tasks. Those are as follows:

Sites (where Larry can hide) Tasks Xploring 20 sites Reading 10 emails Viewing 10 ads Surf 25 ads or more View 20 ads or more Surf 10 ads or more

It's all for now. If you have any concerns or suggestions, please let me know about those in the comment section.

Thanking you Hafiz

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