Hive Diary day #4 (10-05-2023) Bad situation of politics in Pakistan and shop maintenance


IMG_20230510_224650.jpg Hi hive friends. Hopefully all of you are fine. As per the routine this morning also I woke up at ten o'clock and after that I watched the news and in the news the way we have been watching for the last two days. Ever since Imran Khan has been arrested, the situation in every city in Pakistan has become very bad. IMG20230506211944.jpg IMG20230510163056.jpg And at this time Dina has closed all the social media platforms and the net is so slow that the page is not opening. And then after some time I get a call from my friend saying that the roads are open etc. They are going to close at night and the way I was telling that there is a lot of work on the shop and we are doing maintenance on the shop. IMG20230510172915.jpg IMG20230510172913.jpg Because of which workers had come there this morning. And then I went to the shop around two o'clock and all the work was being done there, the pictures of which I have shared with you. The weather was still very hot here in Pakistan as you can see there is a lot of hot sun. IMG20230510173411.jpg IMG20230510173346.jpg The shutter of this shop was damaged and we have fixed it. And then at that time the roads are closed at night time and I could not go to my house at that time I am also at a friend's house. Inside Lahore, people have done a lot of wrong, they have gone to the Corps Commander's house and brought everything from there.


IMG20230510173235.jpg At present, the people of Pakistan have become very much against the Pakistan Army. Today there is some new stock on the shop, I am sharing the design with you, there are so many of these designs these days.

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