Trip to ramnagar😃


Hlo,hy , namaste to everyone reaching my post,hope all doing good . So here i am going to share some photos and things about my trip to ramnagar. On sunday 17 dec ,me and friends went to ramnager as a trip organised by our tuition classes. It was a lot of fun there. We sat inside the bus at approx 8 am and we reached a popular temple named garjiya temple at 9:30 am ,there was not that rush at that time because we went there early morning.

After the darshan of the temple we went to the area filled with lots of stones And some water there. Me and my friends after removing shoes and socks went in the water area ,the water was not that deep. We played a lot their.

Two of my friends took challenge that who will stand in the water for long time will get 200 rupees from the losing ones and to make them come out of the water other of my tuition mates were throwing stones into the water so that the water splashes on them. But at last no one was the winner because we were getting late that time so they had to come out of the water forcefully.

After that we went back to our bus and gone to hanuman dham. We went singing in the bus ,after we reach there we go to know that the doors of Hanuman dham opens at 2:00 p.m. So as we were there 1 hour before opening the gate ,we ate the food given in the bhandara.It was kind of khichdi (porridge),after eating that also some time was left. So we went to the garden area till the opening time and had some snacks and took photographs .

Then we went to the line where people started to stand for their turn, when i reached the door i tried to ring the bell but it was at a good height so i was unable to ring it🥲. Inside the temple taking photos was not allowed so we didn't took any and then came out after the darshan. Then from there we went to a huge nursery ,the nursery was really very big and consist of variety of flowers.

There were many more but i was unable to click photos of all. And here was our last place of the trip.I reached home at approx 5 pm . It was a really beautiful and enjoyable trip, hope you all like the pictures.

Thank you 💗

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