The Best of Discovery-it #1327


The Best of Discovery-it #1327


Hi there, welcome back to The Best of Discovery-it! All the best posts voted by the Discovery-it curator team will have their own dedicated space within the Hive blockchain. This digest intends to bring to light all those authors who often remain unnoticed and therefore reward all those who create quality posts, leading them to establish themselves on the platform. But that's not all! After a careful selection, our curators will also choose the most deserving articles among all those voted to create a ranking of the Top posts of the day. So who are today's winners?

by @manuphotos

“In Cuba Christmas is not something that is celebrated a lot, at least not in the way that most countries in the world do. But it's been just over a month since my daughter was born and we wanted to do a small photo shoot for the date with the theme of Christmas” this is how this lovely post by manuphotos started. Don’t miss this selection!

by @alokeen

“History is always cyclical. And in fashion, you can observe this phenomenon very often. Remember how in 15-10 the leopard was in trend, everyone was in it. And now this trend is returning. And in a year or two, it will not be surprising to see people in clothes with the image of a leopard” this is how this interesting story by alokeen started. Read the post to find out more!

by @candelart

Today candelart shares with us some great photos inspired by the Christmas atmosphere. In particular, the technique is the lightpainting. Don’t miss the final result!

by @borbolet

In this beautiful post borbolet shares with us a new makeup artwork. “It's a pleasure to be again participating in the Splinterlands art, for this occasion I decided to draw a character from the posses puppet card. This card I wanted to characterize it with an artistic makeup taking advantage that I already have time available at home” the artist said. Don’t miss the final result!

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