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We meet again today and I hope you have a good Christmas Eve yesterday. Thank you for visiting this post, my my weekly Splinterlands challenge. This week we are having AIM TRUE Ruleset as our theme which makes all attacks in the battlefield lands... perfectly

In my first entry, I have said that we need to get the faster team in order hit first, which ultimately will end as we kill them first before they manage to make any retaliation. In this post I will try to bring this ruleset from different perspective, which is the basic mechanic...

Basic Mechanic means how hard we hit, how sturdy is our health, what armor we have... Winning will be determined by delivering more damage than what our opponents could withstand...

This means we need to go to lower league, ok let's check our battle then...

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This was a Modern Format Bronze League battle. A lower league such as Bronze and Silver were good to study the basic of each ruleset.


The ruleset was simple, 18 mana cap with an AIM TRUE ruleset. There weren't many big units we could bring in, so everyone must be able to bring a good impact, forming a desired meta. So here were my points of building my line up

  1. I chose Death Element, Thaddius Brood, because of his -1 magic debuff. Magic was something fatal in lower league, regarding we had less Silence and Void abilities in that tier.
  2. Every attacks would land, so all my units had to attack... could not risk having a non attacking unit
  3. I need defensive ability, such as armor, heal, tank heal, or repair. I chose.


Ravenhood Warden would hold a very crucial supporting role in this battle. if there was another option I wanted pick, that would be Venari Crystalsmith, however she was on Life Element and I felt General Sloan would ruin my meta.

So this was how the battle went:


  • The battle started with both of us buffing up our team and debuffing our opponents. My opponent line up was good, never thought Moxian Rebel would build up that extra 2 magic damage.
  • My opponent had 1 range damage, and 4 magic damage. It's a 5 damage per round.
  • My team had 2 melee damage and 3 melee damage per round. it's the same 5 damage per round.
  • This would be a close call, let see how things would go


  • Regal Peryton was a great unit, however in AIM TRUE, without any ability to dodge with high speed and fly ability, she became ordinary. My team killed her in the first round.
  • Later in this round, their Lurking Puffer got killed.


  • Round 3 started with 4 vs 4 condition, all hail my Cursed Windeku, he withstood the first two rounds


  • Round 3 was the last round too, with their Fiend made a suicidal attack on my Windeku, killing himself... good game

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From something that I wanted to see in detail, turned out to be a one sided battle. I had to admit my opponent meta was very interesting, and here were the points we could take from this battle.



Honestly I never think of using him before, I see him as an expensive Rebellion card. However after this battle, my thought has changed. For a 4 mana cost, he could build up magic meta with his weapon training ability, is something that out of the box for any battles below 30 mana cap.

Most Weapon Training ability holder are high mana cost unit, so we could only bring them in big mana battle. However Moxian Rebel changes this stereotype.

If He is that cool, why they lose anyway... Well there are two things that can explain why in the end they lose badly.

  1. Moxian Rebel is slow, 1 speed. So they should have paired with fast non attacking unit, not with fellow sloths.
  2. I had Thaddius Brood. If I chose other, which made them got +1 magic damage from Obsidian, it's a guarantee one sided slaughtering on my side. Thaddius is a true anti magic summoner for lower leagues.
  3. Honestly, I think what's wrong is not Moxian Rebel, but his team mates that arae slow too.

2. Weapon Training Got Fixed


Wow I just noticed that right now if the weapon training ability holder got killed, their nearby card still held that attacks. Attacking chaos agent seemed cool too.

Well right now we can say that weapon training will get a lot more portion in our battles and non attacking units will be greatly favorable.

3. Thaddius Brood > Obsidian

I know this one is very subjective, I believe in lower league Thaddius Brood almost able to counter all meta that trying to get Obsidian +1 magic damage. What about higher league? We have immortalis for that leagues.

Since bronze tends to give you low mana battles, and Thaddius fits well in this zone, I think its quite true that in Bronze, Death element led by Thaddius is stronger than any obsidian team.

4. Faster Team Doesn't Mean You HAve The Fastest Unit

This is what sometime tricks people when they build up their team. Having the fastest unit doesn't mean you have a fast team or your team is faster than your opponent.

You can calculate and sum all your damage per round, you can cound all your tank health and estimate how far they will survive. However Speed is different, It is useless to sum all your units' speed.

They had Regal Peryton who was the fastest, however their 5 other units were slower than my units... so that's what ended their chance in that battle. They received all the attacks first, let their team mate died first, then made a move.

ok that's for today, Have fun with AIM TRUE ruleset. And please and don't forget to leave your comment or feedback below. thank you.

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Thank you for visiting my BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge, don't forget to leave your comments and feedback below. There are credits in this post for these people:

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