What Grows and What does not Grow


Life is very complicated thing. And a lot of things don't grow overnight. Some of the things that does grow need to be validated and also managed if you ask me. Whatever you put in efforts into things change and if you don't choose to change them, you have to bow out of them.

So today I want to share what grows in our life and what does not grow even we work harder for the same. So that has been my approach to change these days. I have been trying hard to know about those things too.

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Good Days don't Stack up

Sooner you accept this reality the better. No matter you work hard. You can't stack up past success and live in today. Because each day someone else is going to make things harder for you. And then you would be struggling back to the roots.

Something you have to plan long term and also you have to work on things that are coming in near future. You have to understand that growing such things be it good or bad requires your time in life. And that time is never coming back as well.

Growth happens when you make the right choices. And when you want to move ahead some of those things need proper planning. So we have to cover those things and also have to build on what works and what does not work the right way.

Bad things Stack, Good Things Perish

This world we live in exists because of the bad things in the world. And the good things that are out there are just an illusion. Reality is death and the evil that is around us. So the bad things always stack and the joke is good things that are around.

More you believe in good, the more you would end up losing the hope. Because let's face it good doesn't last even if it comes. Bad stays forever. It has no ending. That's the reality. you accept that and you move ahead.

I think by learning from nightmares, life experience and a lot of things that happen to be around you then you are going to be learning. So things kind of build around you. So you tend to make choices for your life in that context.

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