66 kicks in England and 48 in Namibia.. Shootouts prolonged football nights!


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Previously, when two teams were drawn in a final match, they were either returned later or the title was divided between them or the tournament went to one of them in the draw. But after the shootout was introduced, that method was relied upon to seal the champion, which seems fairer than previous methods, although it does not necessarily express the best end of the match. It doesn't matter how many penalties each team plays, the two teams will continue to take hits against each other until one fails and the other succeeds and is crowned, or passes for the next role. But what number of kicks has happened in football history?

KK Palace and Civics; Namibia Cup Final; 48 kicks

In the 2005 Namibia Cup final between KK Palace and Sevix teams, penalties lasted for about an hour, yes, the duration is correct. Almost a full hour the stars of both teams played penalties and completely failed to clinch the winner until after they arrived for the 48th kick. Each team played 24 kicks, and the majority of the two stars played three kicks each until the result was eventually decided in favour of Palace with 17 kicks to 16 for Sevix.

Old Wolfronians and Lynn Head; JW Hunt Cup; 44 kicks

In England's amateur scores, Old Wolfronians and Lynn Head played a friendly trophy match called JW Hunt and ended with each team playing for 22 penalties. The total penalties played were 44 kicks and the Old Wolfronians won 19 kicks for 18 in about an hour but only a quarter's play.

Pyramids and Modern Future; Super Egyptian semifinals; 44 kicks

In the first match of the new edition of the Egyptian Super Cup, Pyramids met Modern Vitucher in the semifinals and the original time ended in a negative draw. In the shootout, both teams scored 13 kicks and missed three, bringing the time for the decider in the 17th strike to squander Permades and score Moderne Veutsch.

Jincellerbilligi and Galatasaray; Turkish Cup; 34 kicks

In the quarter-finals of the Turkey Cup in 1996, Gentchlerleji and Galatasaray scored 16 penalties before the latter missed the 17th kick and his opponent scored it, with a total of 34 kicks.

Olympiacos and Aik Athens; Greek Cup final; 34 kicks

In 2009 the original and additional times of the Greek Cup final between Olympiakos and Aek Athens ended with a draw of four goals per team. The extraordinary match in its original and additional time continued its state of glow with penalties, with the stars of both teams scoring 14 penalties correctly. Before one of Athens' stars missed the 17th kick and the Olympiacos player scored it, the total played 34 kicks and the latter won 15 kicks for 14.

Scunthorpe United and Wester City; second round of the FA Cup; 32 kicks

In the second round of the FA Cup, Scunthorpe United and Wester City played a very difficult game, ending in a shootout. The game went to penalties to execute each team 16 kicks and end for Scunthorpe with 14 correct kicks for 13. England Under-21 and Netherlands with the same Sunni Class

European Nations Under-21s; 32 kicks

In the 2007 U21s European Cup of Nations, the Dutch national team played against their English counterparts, and Zarif James Milner was present. Kicks ended with the Netherlands winning 13 correct kicks for just 12 for the young England team.

Brookenhurst and Andover; Hampshire Adult Cup; 30 kicks

Brookenhurst and Andover are two English ninth-tier teams who played a Senior Hampshire Cup game that ended in a scoreless draw. The game arrived for a shootout and each team scored 14 kicks correctly before the Andover player missed the 15th kick and was scored by his rival in Brookenhurst, making a total of 30 kicks.

Obernay and Whitelchem; French Cup; 30 kicks

Whitelchem and Obernay are fifth and sixth graders in France, and the 1997 showdown ended in a tie and the game went to penalties. After each team scored 15 kicks, the confrontational referee decided to postpone the decider for a later period due to poor lighting at the meeting stadium.

Liverpool and Middlesbrough; League Cup third round; 30 kicks

Some teams may have scored a lot of penalties, but never before have we seen a team score 13 kicks in a row in the same encounter. It happened at Liverpool and Middlesbrough's third round meeting for the League Cup, where Middlesbrough missed the first kick and scored the next 13 before losing again and gifting Liverpool qualification. The total kicks taken that day were 30, with each team missing just one of the original five kicks to win Liverpool 14 for 13.

Worst penalties in history

In 1998, between the Miklover Lightning Blue Sox and Shelaston Boys under-10 teams, football saw the worst penalty record in history and its longest. The number is not recorded in Guinness because the match is not certified and was not attended by a delegate and has not been documented for the nature of its time, but the Guardian confirmed that both teams played 66 kicks and only three of them scored to win the junior Blue Sox by two goals for a goal.

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