My accomplish Plan For This Christmas


Hi everyone, am happy to be here on a day like this celebrating Christmas, what a privilege to be alive and participate in the contest, Welcome to my blog.

My plan

I really plan for this Christmas and thank God I was able to reach and see the day, my plan is to reach out to the underprivileged this Christmas because of the great blessing and his Marcy God has shown me.

The following are the few out of many that God has done.

  • I travel a lot this year but he has been there for me
  • I fall sick but he did not allowed me to be consume
  • Above all he die to set me free, hallelujah.

That is why I propose it in my heart, that this year I will celebrate my Christmas in a special way by showing kindness and love to someone by sharing my foodstuff and thank God it happened, I couldn't snap more of the picture because it will sound somehow, but am satisfy , I accomplish my mission.
All pictures are mine.

Thanks for stopping by merry Christmas and happy new year in advance.

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