Cebu Province Division Conducts Division Festival of Talents 2023 at Argao, Cebu, Philippines: Showcasing of Talents and Skills



Every year DepEd will conduct an activity called Festival of Talents. It started from the school level up to the national level. This activity will showcase various skills and talents from various subject learning areas. This is to fulfill the DepEd goals, vision, and mission which is to produce quality learners.

This year's festival of talents in our Division was held at Argao, Cebu that was last December 17-19,2023. After our Christmas Party in school with our learners the whole Tabogon Delegation proceeded to Argao to participate in the said event.




I am not a coach in this event but, I was chosen by our Public School District Supervisor as the Municipal Division Festival of Talents Coordinator.

Role and Responsibilities as a Municipal DFOT

  1. Gathered the winning entry of the municipality.
  2. Attend the Division Orientation on DFOT.
  3. Connect with the TWG or Technical Working Group of DFOT.
  4. Submit the official entry of DFOT.
  5. Ensure the completeness of the documents of the participants.
  6. Submit a budget proposal for the event.
  7. Monitor the various contests participated by the team.

With all those duties and responsibilities I was so busy 1 week before the said event. But because I was assigned by my supervisor, I have nothing to complain about but the do the task with all my heart.

The Venue

This year's DFOT was held at Argao, Cebu Philippines. Argao is located in the southern part of Cebu. It is a first-class municipality. From Cebu City, it is 70 km. A municipality noted for its famous delicious Torta. It was hosted by Argao National High School. But some contest skills were held in other venues or schools. Likewise, billeting quarters were also held in a different school within the municipality.



Day I of the Events

December 17 was the day 1 of DEFOT. We were lucky and we were able to book a coaster bus from our municipality but we couldn't depart on day zero since the bus had an appointment. Therefore, we departed from school at almost 4:45 am instead of our first plan at exactly 4 am We arrived very late. It was already 9:30 when we were at Argao. We directly went to the registration area and attended the solidarity meeting with our bag and other belongings still on the bus. We were so hungry at that time since we hadn't a breakfast yet. It was already noon the solidarity meeting was adjourned. After the solidarity, we attended the pre-conference of all the coaches. Still, we haven't had our breakfast and lunch. My head almost broke up from a headache having no food on my empty stomach.





There was a parade before the opening program. The parade was participated by almost 44 municipalities within Cebu Province. It was attended by the very supportive and brilliant regional director of the DepEd Region 7. The contest administrator and coordinator were introduced. After which was the reading of mechanics and guidelines of the contents. The opening was done at exactly 5:00 pm. After the opening dinner was served. The host school prepared a dinner for all the guests. We enjoyed the food served and the drinks offered.









Day 2 (The Contest Proper)

Day 2 was the contest proper of all contest categories. There were English, Filipino, AP, Kindergarten, TLE/TVL, Music and Arts. All contests started at 8:OO AM and ended at noon. Luckily we won in the kindergarten category and English Category. We got second place in dressmaking, 4th place in Pop Quiz, and 12th place in Electrical Installation and Maintenance. Of all the contests the EIM was the most pricy or expensive. We spend almost 45,000.00. Our School did not mind the expenses as long as we could train students for their future jobs. My warmest congratulations to all the winners and for those who did not win they are still winners by successfully joining and participating in the event.






That's all for this blog Thank you and God bless.

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