The Carpenter

2023-12-25T20:20:06 Mike resided in Arkma, a small village set between mountains and surrounded by stagnant rivers. Mike was a carpenter who had a lot of dreams and was always looking for new adventures and experiences. He had a restlessness in his heart and a spirit that yearned to see the globe.

Mike chose to take a vacation to a frozen paradise during one of the best winter seasons. He boarded a boat and headed off on his trip, wearing his minks and carrying a bag full of aspirations and ambitions. He could feel the frost nature of the frosty environment on his skin and the still long hair like stick protrusions as he landed in this fascinating destination. He was thrilled with excitement as he explored the ice areas and accepted the emptiness norm. On a beautiful day, Mike witnessed a young woman assisting her grandfather in catching a fish. Her lovely voice boomed across the air as she sung the entire composition. He couldn't help but be pulled to her because of her talent. He approached the fishing boat, intrigued, and began up a discussion with the damsel.

Grace was a kind-hearted and free-spirited peasant with a passion for fishing and sea life. Mike went out of his way to spend extra time with them because he had little or nothing to discover. Their friendship evolved from mere buddies to the caring type over time. Grace volunteered in Mike's spare time to explore hidden waterfalls, stroll through the calm woods, and dance under the moon with blurry night stars. They found solace in each other's presence, as if they'd known each other since high school.

Mike's watch was ticking faster than he thought, signaling the end of his holiday. Grace, on the other hand, realized they couldn't stand saying goodbye. Their hearts were linked, and they couldn't envision a life apart, even as friends, yet a goodbye was unavoidable. To counteract this, they created a small charm that should keep them connected at all times, allowing their love tale to continue regardless of distance.

Year after year, their long-distance friendship remained strong and flourished. They exchanged emotional letters and late-night phone calls, counting the days until they could be together again.

Mike made the life-changing decision to relocate to the winterland, where he had already found love, as the urge to meet with Grace increased. He took a leap of faith and followed his gentle heart, knowing that being with Grace was worth every danger and sacrifice. They created a life filled with love, caring, devotion, adventure, and unending delight. The customary for couples happened to them. Grace gave birth to Mike's children, which solidified Mike's opinion on the winterland. Mike developed liver cancer throughout the course of the year, which eventually killed him. Grace tried her hardest after Mike's death to visit Mike's parents with the kids to show them where they came from.

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