An Unexpected Sunshine


So guys, last week Thursday around 12am, I received a notification and when I checked, it was a credit alert from my bank. I was surprised because I wasn't really expecting anyone to send me money since it has been a very long time anyone actually sent me money. Gold Hello Sunshine Square Pillow_20231225_151800_0000.png

The credit alerts I always receive are for the services I render and I didn't actually render any services that I was expecting a credit alert for. The worst part of this was that the name of the sender wasn't revealed so there was no way to know who sent the money.

I was still cracking my brain over this when I received a WhatsApp notification from a lady who helped me to apply for a government grant sometime last month. She asked me if I received the money and that's when I got to know that the money was from the government. However, the lady told me that they would be paying $20. Well, guess what? It wasn't $20, but a whopping $50. I guess that's why I never thought to that angle.

I was kind of not expecting something from the application since applications like this often end up not yielding anything. I know how many applications like this I have applied for and nothing came out from it. It was also way past the time they promised they would pay and so, when the credit alert came in, I practically never thought it was from the government.

So guys, here's how it all unfolded.

It all started when a kind, lovely lady visited my office some months ago to do some registrations. I had no clue about this program because programs like this are always kept secret in my country and revealed to just the few persons they want to benefit from it. I asked her if she could add me to her list but she told me she has used up her slots.

I couldn't do anything about that so I totally removed my mind from it. After a week, she came back to my office and offered to add me to the list. Honestly, that made me happy and so, we filled out the forms, and I gave her $1 for the registration fee. She then told me that I should be expecting an alert in 3 weeks time.

No alert came in after 3 weeks and there was no news even after a month plus. I had to stop thinking about it and keep my expectations low since applications like these tend to go into a black hole sometimes.

But last week, the sun decided to shine on me. It was indeed an unexpected sunshine. That unexpected notification on my phone, that alert on my screen changed everything. Not only did it arrive, but it came with an extra $30 bonus. Exceeding expectations right?

This wasn't just about the money, it was about the feeling of hope coming true, the feeling of kindness getting rewarded, the feeling of that small gesture of help leading to something good. It was a reminder that sometimes, even when hope seem to be lost, a little bit of human kindness can make all the difference.

So guys, here's to unexpected surprises, to the power of helping hands, and to the joy of simply having good things happen. If this story made you smile even a little, then maybe the good vibes can continue to ripple out. Remember, a little act of kindness can go a long way. And who knows, maybe your own unexpected surprise is just around the corner.

Now, I'm not sure what I will do with this cash since I have lots of things to do with money, but let's just say this is a sweet reminder that good things do come to those who wait, especially when there's someone kind enough around the corner.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

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