Genealogy: Matilda Ataline Woodcock (1833)



I'm experimenting with posting some random bits of my genealogy research here.

This individual goes back to the first half of the nineteenth century which is a more reasonable goal to get accurate info vs. possible ancestors from hundreds of years ago. Whether or not it is easy to find such info really depends on where the individual is from. Some localities definitely kept better records than others. Some records also have gotten destroyed over time. I was looking for some records once that would have been from Louisiana but it turns out that a courthouse fire in the early 1800s destroyed a lot of records from a certain span of years.

When I used the relationship calculator in Gramps, it spit back a pretty large number of relationships. The closest was fifth cousin four times removed.

I'm still exploring GedSite, a program that takes a gedcom file and converts it into html and The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding which is web based and requires a setup with apache (or other webserver), php and mysql. Mostly I've been playing around with TNG but I'll get back to GedSite eventually. When it comes to converting this stuff to web pages, every piece of software available seems to have advantages and disadvantages and it is hard to settle on just one. Right now I have a top three. Maybe I'll get it down to a single choice one of these days. One of the things I like about TNG is how you can easily switch between different chart styles. At the top is an example of one of the more unique ancestor charts that TNG offers and that is a fan chart. Personally, I don't really like this one all that much but I could see how some people might.

Woodcock, Matilda Ataline 1

Birth Name Woodcock, Matilda Ataline
Gender female
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1833-11-28     2


Christening 2000-12-09      


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Woodcock, Henry1805-10-301867-04-07
Mother Woodcock, Catherine1809-10-141845-09-13
    Brother     Woodcock, Tillman D. 1827-10-02
    Brother     Woodcock, Nathan Thomas 1829-07-14 1899-01-12
    Brother     Woodcock, Riley Smith 1832-05-04 1907-05-15
         Woodcock, Matilda Ataline 1833-11-28
    Brother     Woodcock, Andrew W. 1837-10-30
    Sister     Woodcock, Paralee Sementha 1839-04-05
    Brother     Woodcock, Joel N. 1841-04-11
    Sister     Woodcock, Martha Ann 1843-01-17
    Brother     Woodcock, Marquis M. 1844-01-29
    Brother     Woodcock, Modena Francis EITHER 02 NOV 1830 OR 02 MAY 1831 1880-05-29
    Brother     Woodcock, William H. EITHER 29 SEP 1835 OR 29 DEC 1835 1917-02-26

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