The Kestrel And The Sunrise....



As people who read my blog regularly know that I'm not the best sleeper in the world, so this morning I was awake as usual and just had a feeling to open the blinds and curtains, and low and behold a magnificent sunrise, one thing that I love to see is the kestrel that frequents the field over the back of the house, I always look out for it on it's morning hunt, it looks stunning with the sunrise behind it, I've never seen it catch anything, but it must do as it does fly up and down the field in a morning.


I'm glad I haven't seen the kestrel catch anything, I don't want to see another animal dying, yes I know it's nature, and nature does amaze me, but I don't like to see that side of nature.

The colour of the sky was breathtaking this morning, with deep oranges and reds and blues, a lovely start to a rather cold day.



sunrise-06457.jpg I love this shot, but I sadly shot it a a too slow shutter speed, I'd put the 150-600 lens on and forgot to change the shutter speed, as shooting longer focal lengths you need to have a faster shutter, either way, I still like ths shot, just wish it didn't have a bit of motion blur lol.

I'm hoping to get out with the camera in the week, weather dependant, I'm also itching to fly the drone but it's just too windy today.

I hope you've enjoyed my blog, thanks for reading :-)

All the best :-)

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