Afternoon Run - 9km (Finally feeling festive)


prof_image_38890967.png dannewton just finished a 9.24km run, that lasted for 56 minutes. This run helped dannewton burn 677.0 calories.

Description from Strava:
Its Christmas! After all the hustle and bustle, and frankly relentless advertising begging us to spend ALL our money, and buy ALL the things... the big day is finally here

After the last few weeks of hype, the day itself seems a little bit of a let down, but may be thats just me....

Anyway, I've been a (mostly) good boy this year, and have been rewarded with an assortment of gifts... running wise, I recieved a copy of 'Feet in the Clouds' which is a very well written book about Fell Running.


Its a book I used to own, many years ago... and seem to have misplaced it since moving house. Fell running is a niche form of trail running based in the UK, and has a very local running scene linked to it. The 'Fells' refers to the hills we have here, and so Fell running is basically racing up and down the hills. Is not something I plan too do anytime soon, but the book is so well written, and it received critical acclaim from many parts of the media:


I also received some new kit, as some of my clothes are past thier best, the rubbish picture below shows new socks, new shorts, and a new long sleeved technical running top.


And as I had all this new gear, it only seemed appropriate to go and test them out.

So I did. A nice and easy 9km run today, just taking it easy after the hard effort yesterday. The weather was blustery, but otherwise nice and bright. I expected to see lots of people out in the fresh air, but only saw 1 other person out today.

Never mind, I enjoyed the fresh air and exercise at least. It was just a little run for just over an hour, which is all I needed today.

By the time I arrived home I was starving, and as luck would have it, I was just in time for for Dinner


For the Christmas this year we wanted a turkey (or actually a turkey crown), but when we went food shopping 2 days ago, the only turkey options were enormous ones that feed 10 people (theres only 2 of us here!), or a posh version of a small turkey crown which would have cost £45.00.

I like turkey, but I don't like it that much!

In the end we went for Duck. Something completely new to us, but it turned out to be really tasty in the end, so that was a win!

I spent the rest of the afternoon chilling and relaxing with my partner while we listen to some of the new CD's she received. Its now 6pm, and I'm starting to get a little peckish again, so I'm now gonna head to the kitchen and see what I can find...

I hope everyone has had a good Christmas wherever they are, and however they choose to celebrate it!

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About the Athlete: Living in the UK, I am an intermittent Runner, but always striving for more consistency. When I'm not training I can be found photographing insects or listening to really loud angry music (which is the best type of music obviously!)


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