HIVE OPEN MIC - Week #161 - “ It Better Not Rain Today! ” by Danaidh B



Hello! and Gooood Evening!! 🤘🏼✌🏼🫵🏼 @music @music-community @musiclovers musicians and all listeners on @hive…

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This is @danaidhbee posting to you from Scotland tonight with my entry for @hiveopenmic Week 161 - with this weeks theme being “My Original Song” 🫶🏼 Good choice!



Now… I have A LOT of songs to choose from (over 150 - NOT INCLUDING Over 45 instrumental pieces in various tunings and instruments). I probably have more songs than most of the famous/popular artists ever to walk this Earth or more songs than one can ever dream of?? haha,

but there are some artists that have way more songs than I, and probably/obviously much better than I - in many ways, but there is also a lot of unpleasant music out there, we all have our different tastes.. and I like to explore and write in multiple genres and styles.

So I hope you can enjoy my song which is written about the Scottish weather and it’s slight misfortune that it brings. hahaa


Here is a Timelapse of the suspected Thunder and Lightning that is predicted for later tonight! with some original backing track for emphasis! :)


Some countries and cultures praise the rain but here, most of us hate it, because it always comes with excessive wind and cold and/or unpleasant damp warmth soaked to the bones!!! It’s rarely the same consistent kind of weather for more than 15 minutes (unless it’s raining) 😂 it’s mad… can’t plan anything sometimes… (I never trust the forecast) can’t even put the washing out sometimes LOL


Here is my Brand New Song


  • Completely unheard,
  • 1st documentation/recording,
  • Completely “Brand New” To @Hive 👍🏼
  • Original Music from @danaidhbee in Scotland. 363DCBE2-F705-4CA8-A147-0B086B1D38A4.jpeg

👇🏼 { Lyrics }👇🏼 When grey skies are coming, It better not rain today, When see the bright bright morning, Oh it better not rain today, But when I feel the love light burning, The cold can’t take me away, Would you be the one I’m loving, And pray it better not rain today,

(Chorus) It better not rain today x8

When big clouds are rolling, The wind won’t keep away, That tells me it’ll be pouring, Just about the break of day, And then I feel the first time warning, No it just won’t keep me at bay, Would you be the sunshine morning, That I pray for everyday,


I see sunshine glowing Through the window there, I hope it won’t be going, Oh no, going anywhere, Cuz then I see the heavens open and the children go out to play, Could this be the bright light showing, That I pray for everyday,


Or am I just dreaming, Please just leave me now, Please just leave me sleeping, Just another half an hour, Because I hear the raindrops pouring and the children go out to play, But at least I won’t be going, oh no going anywhere!

(Chorus) 363DCBE2-F705-4CA8-A147-0B086B1D38A4.jpeg

🙏 A HUGE thanks to @fernanblog for choosing the most awesome theme for this amazing weekly concert and celebration of live music and musicians hard work and dedication to their hobby, passion and love for music! Stay tuned folks!

Thanks for listening 🤟🏼

Have a lovely day!

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